Latin Phrases

  1. Actus reus
    • guilty act
    • ojective element of a crime
    • external element of a crime
  2. Ad litem
    For the suit; party appointed by a court to act in a lawsuit on behalf of another
  3. Affidavit
    • declartion upon oath
    • a formal sworn statement of fact
  4. Amicus Curiae/Amici Curiae
    Friend/Friends of the court
  5. Arguendo
    For the sake of argument
  6. Bona Fide
    • good faith
    • in good faith
  7. mala fide
    • bad faith
    • in bad faith
  8. caveat
    • beware; take care; let him beware
    • an entry in the court records that prevents actions by another without first notifying the party entering the caveat
  9. Caveat Emptor
    Let the buyer beware
  10. Caveat Venditor
    Let the seller beware
  11. Certiorari
    • To be shown
    • An action of certiorari ws suggested in terms of reviewing a case
  12. Contra
  13. Corpus
  14. Corpus delicti
    Body of the offense
  15. Cupla
    • Guilt
    • Blame
    • Mistake
  16. Custodia legis
    In the custody of the law
  17. De facto
    • Concerning fact
    • In fact
    • As a matter of fact
    • Practiced, but not neccessarily law
  18. De jure/de lure
    • By right
    • Concerning law
    • In principle
  19. De novo
    • Anew
    • Beginning again
  20. Dictum/dicta
    Statement of opinion of belief considered authorative because of the dignity of the person making it
  21. Judicial dictum
    An opinion by a court on a question that is directly involved, breifed, and argued by counsel, and even passed on y the court, but is not essential to the decision
  22. Obiter dictum
    • Something said in passing
    • Unnecessary to the decsion and therefore not precedential
  23. Dures tecum
    • Bring with you
    • Order to produce document to court
  24. Ex parte
    • By party
    • an application by one party without notifying the other party
  25. Ex post facto
    • By a subsquent act
    • Something that occurs after the eveny but also have a retrospective effect
  26. Fudiciary
    • Trustee
    • Someone who acts for and on behalf of another person in a matter in circumstances which gives rise to a relationship of trust and confidence
  27. Forum conveniens
    • At a convenient place
    • Court has jurisdiction in a particular case
  28. Forum non conveniens
    • Inappropriate forum
    • When a court refuses to hear a case
  29. Gravamen
    The essential element of a lawsuit
  30. Guardian ad litem
    Legal guardian
  31. Habeas Corpus
    • You shall have the body
    • Show me the body
    • A court order instructing an arrestee to e brought before a judge
  32. Ibid
    Shorthand: Id

    In the same place

    Used to refer to page previously mentioned
  33. In camera
    • In the chamber
    • Private case, facts not public (usually minor)
  34. In personam
    • Against the person
    • Proceedings issued against a specific person
  35. In re
    In the matter of
  36. Inter alia
    • Among other things
    • Details given are only an extract from the whole
  37. Intra
  38. Intra vires
    • Within the powers
    • Act that falls within jurisdiction of the court
  39. Ultra vires
    Beyond the powers
  40. Ispo facto
    • By the fact
    • The dependence upon facts that together prove a point
  41. In limine
    At the threshld
  42. Jus/Ius
  43. Locus delicti/lex loci delicti commissi
    Law of the place where the tort was committed
  44. Malum in se
    Wrong or evil in itself
  45. Malum prohibitum/ mala prohibita
    Wrong as/because prohibited
  46. Mandamus
    We command
  47. Mea Culpa
    My fault, or my own fault
  48. Mens rea
    • Guitly mind
    • The intention to committ an offensr whilst knowing it to be wrong or against the law
  49. Motion in limine
    At the threshold
  50. Nunc pro tunc
    Now for then
  51. Nolo Contendre
    I do not wish to contend
  52. Per pro
    • For another/through another
    • A person delegated to act for another
  53. per se
    in and of itself
  54. Prima facie
    • First sight
    • Prima facie evident would e considered enough unless disproved
  55. Pro bono / pro bono publico
    • For the public good
    • Free legal representation for the public good
  56. Pro Forma
    • As per form
    • Pro forma procedure is performed following an agreed manner
  57. Pro Tempore (Pro Tem)
    • temporarily
    • For the time being
  58. Quantum meruit
    • As much as he desrved
    • Reasonable value of services
  59. Res Ipsa Loquitor
    • The thing speaks for itself
    • Because of the obvious negligence of the defendant, the onus of proof would not be on the plaintiff
  60. Res Judicata
    • A manner already judged
    • Once case decided, parties cannot raise issue again
  61. Respondeat superior
    Let the master answer
  62. Status quo
    Existing state of affairs
  63. Subpoena
    A written command to a person to testify before a court or e punished
  64. Subpoena duces tecum
    Bring with out under penalty of punishment
  65. Supra
    • Beyond
    • Over
    • Above

    Citation found above
  66. Trial de novo
    A new trial
  67. Verbatim
    Exactly the same words
  68. Veto
    i forbid
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