Social Studies Imperialism

  1. President McKinley
    He was the president during the Sanish American War
  2. Puerto Rico
    Carribean Island which became US territory
  3. Guam
    Samll Island that was given to us from Spain
  4. The Phillipines
    Revolted US control for there own freedom
  5. Emilio Aguinaldo
    Led the Filipino Rebels originally against the Spanish, and then the US when the US took control
  6. Platt Amendment
    Allowed the US to intervene with Cuban affairs
  7. Anti-Imperialists
    People who were agianst imperialism
  8. Yellow Journalism
    crazy way of writing that people often believed and caused the Spanish American War
  9. Spanish American War
    A war that we fought for Cuban independance, and was started by yellow jouranlism of the Maine
  10. The Maine
    A battleship that sunk and was thought to have been destroyed by the Spanish, but it was relly just a manufacturing malfuntion
  11. Battle of San Juan Hill
    This is where Teddy Roosevelt became a hero.
  12. Rough Riders
    The group of soldiers that Roosevelt led.
  13. Foreign Policy
    The way that another countrry treats another.
  14. Spheres of Influence
    Parts of China were divided up between countriees and gave them special powers and privelages.
  15. Open Door Policy
    Allowed the nations that had divided China to trade between each other.
  16. Boxer Rebellion
    Revolt from the Chinese against the countries who had divided up China.
  17. Isolationism
    Not getting involved with other countries affairs.
  18. Expansionism
    Wanting the country to expand and get bigger.
  19. The Alaska Purchase
    Known as Sewards Folly. Gave us a huge chuk of land, that very few people lived, but gave us rich oil resources later.
  20. Colonial Imperialism
    When a country takes over another country
  21. Economic Imperialism
    When the economy of another country is controlled by another country.
  22. Political Imperialism
    A country's government are influenced by another country.
  23. Cultural Imperialism
    A country's culture is changed by another countries.
  24. Samoan Islands
    Small islands divided between US and Germany
  25. Roosevelt Corollary
    An addition to the Monroe Doctorine that said that if there was another country that would come into the Western Hemisphere, then we would step in and be the police.
  26. Big Stick Policy
    The Policy that we would act calm and use the military if we didn't get what we wanted or needed.
  27. Why are countries less imperialistic today than before?
    The UN is against imperialism because it often leads to disagreement and war, which is how World War I started. It is seen as a threat to others.
  28. Panama Canal
    Built by Teddy Roosevelt to try and shorten the amount of time that we had to trade so we didn't have to go all the way around.
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