Parenting Skills

  1. Encourage growth and developement
  2. Providing care, support, and love in a way that leads to a childs total developement
  3. What a person is capable of becoming
  4. Beliefs about what is right, worthwhile, or desirable.
  5. Someone whose role is to love, care for, and guide a child
  6. Viewing without judgment or interpretation
  7. Something that individuals or families can use to accomplish a goal
  8. A person whose behavior and attitudes are imitated by others
    Role model
  9. Parenting style in which parents are strong leaders who make most decisions concerning children and expect children to accept their judgement
  10. Parenting style in which parents consider both the childs needs and their own point of view when making decisions
  11. A conscious aim that requires planning an effort to reach
  12. Particular way that a parent consistantly behaves toward children
    Parenting styles
  13. Parenting style in which parents generally give children all the decision-making responsibility they can handle, offering guidance and protection as needed and relying on natural consequences rather than imposing them
  14. The sum total of a persons emotional, social, and intellectual characteristics
  15. Consists of two parents,one or both of whom have children from a previous relationship
    Blended family
  16. Using tact and skill when dealing with others
  17. Name for a family unit consisting of all the immediate relatives in a family, such as grandparents,aunts, uncles, and cousins
    Extended family
  18. Consists of a a mother, a father, and one or more biological or adopted children
    Nuclear family
  19. A part one plays when interacting with others
  20. Consists of only one parent and one or more children
    Single-parent family
  21. A person whose spouse has children from an earlier relationship
  22. After a year of marriage, isabel began to wish for a child. For isabel and victor, the decision to be made was clear, should we have a child now?
    Identify the exact decision to be made
  23. Victor and isabel identified two options, either to have a child or not.
    List all the options
  24. Knowing their decision would have long lasting consequences, victor and isabel thought carefully. They were anxious to start a family, and isabels parents wanted a grandchild. On the other hand, isabel and victor needed time together as a couple. Moreover, isabel was taking classes that would prepare her for a career and a bettter income
    Weigh the pros and cons of each option
  25. Victor and isabel asked themselves, what's important to us and our future family? By examining their priorities, they could see what meant the most to them
    Consider values
  26. As much as isabel and victor wanted to have a baby, they decided to wait and reconsider in a year. They listed ways to prepare for parenting. Exploring options and values gave them confidence in their decision
    Make a decision and take action
  27. A year later, isabel and victor reviewed their list and progress. Their financial situation was better, and isabel was only a few months from graduation. For them, the decision making process was beginning again
    Evaluate the results and take responsibility for the consequences
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