Phase 5 My Greet.txt

  1. My Greet
    • Slow down and Speak up
    • Smile :)
    • Write EVERYTHING down
    • Neverending Beverage Service
  2. "Hi welcome to Copper Canyon Grill, how are you doing tonight?"
  3. "Great. My name is Hayley, I'll be taking care of you tonight. Have you dined with us before?"
  4. "Before we get started, I'd just like to tell you about a few things about our restaurant that make us unique.
  5. "We work on a teamwork system here so if I'm not around and you need anything, anyone dressed like me will be happy to help you."
  6. "Here at Copper Canyon we use all Fresh Ingrediants, there are no walk in freezers in the restaurant."
  7. "Our house special Rotisserie Chicken is hand rubbed in 31 herbs and spices. The rotisserie chicken can be paired with our ribs, filet, crabcake, or wedge as you can see on the menu."
  8. "Could I start you off with a glass of wine, cold beer, a drink from our premium well, our specialty Perfect Margarita, a coke product?"
  9. "Before I go to get your drinks I'd just like to tell you about the featured starter tonight. We have the Ahi Tuna Appetizer with 5 oz Ahi tuna pan seared to a chef recommended medium rare and rolled in black and white sesame seeds, served with wasabi, pickled ginger, a zig zag of sirachi hot sauce, and wasabi dipping sauce. Could I start you off with one of those to share?"
  10. (Pass out Starter Plates)
  11. "Okay I'll be right back with your drinks."
    (Remember with water if asked for lemons, 3 lemons on app plate for one person/5 lemons on app plate for two people, no more than 5 per plate though)
  12. (Pre Bus Wrappers)
  13. "Alright, your starter will be out in a few minutes, in the meatime I'd like to tell you about our featured specials. Tonight we have the Dijon Crusted Pork Tenderloin served with grilled asparagus, garlic parmesan redskin potatoes, and Dijon Mustard Sauce."
  14. "We also have Swordfish lightly seasoned and grilled over hickory wood served over wild forrest mushroom rizotto and grilled asparagus and topped with an olive onion tomato ragu."
  15. "Have we decided on entrees?"
  16. ("What temperature would you like your meat/fish prepared?")
  17. "Okay. Would you like to add our soup of the day, a house or caesar salad, or our signature cornbread skillet with that?"
  18. "A ______ wine Would pair nicely with your entree. Would you like me to bring you a glass or a bottle to share?"
    • (red for beef/white for seafood and chicken)
    • Blue Rock Cabernet=Mushroom/Beef
    • Estancia Merlot=Steak
    • Cupcake Chardonnay=Chicken
    • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc=Seafood
    • Mosella Riesling=Crabcakes
    • Mosella Black Riesling=pork
  19. (Remember to try to list sides and specifications)
  20. "I'll get these entrees started for you and check on your starter."
  21. (Run Starter)
  22. "Is there anything else I can get you?"
  23. (Prebus)
  24. (Check Back)
  25. "How's your _________ starter tasting so far?
    Great. I'm going to check on your s/s/c/c for you and I'll be right back."
  26. (Prebus)
  27. "Okay I have your s/s/c/c."
  28. (Remember left to right by pivot point, inside arms)
  29. "Is there anything else I can get you?"
  30. (Prebus)
  31. (Check Back)
  32. "How's your s/s/c/c?"
  33. "Great."
  34. (Prebus/Return to Prebus BEFORE bringing entrees)
  35. "Okay I have your _entree_."
  36. (Remember left to right by pivot point, inside arms)
  37. "Is there anything else I can get you?"
  38. (Prebus)
  39. (Check Back within 2-3 bites)
  40. "How's everything tasting so far?"
  41. "Great."
  42. (Prebus)
  43. (Let them eat. check back/Prebus)
  44. ("Would you like any boxes?")
  45. "Did we save room for dessert? We have an amazing Florida Style Key Lime Pie with a walnut pecan graham cracker crust, topped with an amazing housemade whip cream, and ground nuts along with a few other dessert options."
  46. (Yes/No)
  47. "Could I bring you a cup of coffee, or a Canyon Coffee with Grand Marnier, Bailey's, coffee, topped with housemade whip cream?"
  48. "I'll be right back with your coffees and get your dessert started."
  49. (Prebus)
  50. (Deliver Coffees)
  51. (Check Back/Bring dessert)
  52. "How are the coffees?"
  53. "Great."
  54. "Is there anything else I can bring you?"
  55. (Check Back/BRING THE CHECK)
  56. "How's the dessert so far?"
  57. "Great."
  58. ("Would you like any boxes?")
  59. "Is there anything else I can get for you tonight?"
  60. "I'll leave your check right here for your conveinence, so it's here whenever you're ready."
  61. (Leave)
  62. (Return to pick up Check)
  63. "I'll be right back with this for you."
  64. (Check Out)
  65. (Final Prebus)
  66. ("Would you like any boxes?")
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