1. predictors of serious injury
    • -rural area
    • -construction environment
    • -in mil: electrical equipment
    • -*pathway of electricity that makes the difference, not amps and volts
  2. most important factor in electrocution
    • heat causes coagulation necrosis
    • victim will have burns, may be hidden
    • joules law: small increase in amp can have large effect on heat
  3. AC vs DC current affect on heart
    • AC: Vfib
    • DC: Asystole
    • lighting: Asystole
  4. what determines electricity's pathway of flow?
    • type of tissue...path of least resistance. as things get wet, resistance goes down*.
    • - nerve
    • -blood
    • -muscle
    • -skin
    • -tendon
    • -fat
    • -bone
  5. internal burns?
    • electricity, yes (A/C), bouncing around inside
    • lightning, no, flashover effect
  6. flashover effect
    • from lightning injury, not electrical injury
    • -feathering burns, punctate burns
    • -skin intact
  7. electrical injury
    • must enter and exit body, at least two wounds
    • -deep, internal pathway
    • -kissing burns - arc injury
    • -lots of damage, fasciotomy common
  8. Initial Treatment applying to both Lightning & Electricity
    • *secure scene, turn off power source
    • reverse triage - treat dead first (those that look dead might be in Vfib and you can save)
    • ABCs
    • CPR/defib
  9. Treatment specific to Lightning
    • -suspect hypothermia
    • -dilated pupils do not mean death
    • -spare IV fluids
  10. Treatment specific to Electricution
    • -treatment for blunt injuries/trauma
    • -generous IV fluids
    • -high likelyhood of rhabdomyolysis and compartment syndrome
  11. when and where does lightning strike?
    inland, afternoon, summer months
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