Public/Private Partnership Study

  1. Name the Acronym for the 12 Success Factors in Creating Successful Public/Private Partnerships
    Any Save Our Souls Light Signal Lights LIAM Car
  2. Describe what these are:

    Any Save Our
    Any = Assessment (Sound assessment of the local economic environment - SWOT etc)

    Save = Strategic Planning (Long term strategic planning to as the important questions)

    Our = Objectives (not motherhood, achieveable, analysis-based)
  3. Describe this part:

    Souls Light Signal

    Souls - Structure of partnership (need to understand WHO)

    Light - Legitimacy and Authority - central/local govt. and private sector

    Signal - Specilization and Co-operation (6 working groups is optimal
  4. Describe this part: LightS
    Leadership!! -

    Ideally a leader should emerge or be appointed with full support
  5. Describe this part LIAM
    L = Local Focus vs National Governance (flexibility and share co-ordination)

    I = Infrastructue shortfall identification

    A = Accountability/Transparency

    M = Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Describe this part: Cars
    Cars = Culture! (Culture of partnership important to be inclusive and sensitive of all perspectives).
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