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  1. what is the premise of the ideal free distribution?
    that animals sequentially fill available habitat starting with best patches
  2. what are the assumptions of the ideal free distribution?
    • ideal by possessing perfect information about resource quality.
    • Free to disperse appropriately
  3. what are some expectation of the ideal free distribution?
    animals disperse to equalize energy intake or reproductive success
  4. what do the ideal free distribution curves show?
    they show there are less rewards in the poor habitat.
  5. what is the reason for deviation from IFD?
    • perceptual error ( if animal choose habitat at random)
    • differences in competitive abilities
  6. what are some factors associated with dominance?
    • regulates access to resources without fighting in social groups
    • should occur when risk of injury from fighting exceeds the gain from resource and individuals interact repeatedly
    • correlates include: body size, experience, matrilineal relationship, fat reserve and prior success/ failure
    • requires individual recognition of status badges
  7. what is the relationship between dominance and age in male live baboons?
    middle age have higher ranking.
  8. what are the dominance hierarchies?
    • linear ( transitive)
    • intransitive
    • alliances
  9. what is the mechanism for linear hierarchies?
    • animals recognize each other using signals correlating with RHP.( Harris sparrows)
    • Animals adjust their perceived status on the basis of the outcome of recent contests ( fishes)
    • animals adjust their perceived status after observing contest involving others ( chickens)
  10. how are dominance and hormones associated?
    • winners have elevated testosterone levels
    • losers have elevated plasma corticosterone
    • in lobsters losers can be made aggressive by infusing seretonin ( this can be blocked by prozac a seretonin inhibitor)
  11. What are some effects of testosterone on animals?
    • activates sexual behavior
    • promotes sperm production
    • suppress immune system
    • stimulates aggressive behaviour
  12. factors associated with territory size
    • it should be adjusted to maximize energy gain
    • it depends on resource availability
    • it should respond to competition
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