1. Types of Military Rations
    • unitized group rations (UGR): for group feeding in garrision or field setting (MREs)
    • individual rations: to sustain individuals during operations when group feeding
    • assault rations: to increase energy and nutrient intakes during highly mobile and intense ops in extreme environments, not nutritionally complete (first strike bars)
    • special purpose rations: for certain operational (tube foods) or humanitarian scenarious when resupply is unavailable
  2. Goals for Warfighter Nutrition
    • Optimize Performance
    • Enhance Cognition
    • Delay Muscle Fatigue
    • Accelerate Recovery
    • Enhance Nutrient Uptake
  3. Goals of Nutrient Timing.
    • accelerate recovery
    • improve/maintain muscle integrity
    • increase muscle mass/ nitrogen balance
    • replete glycogen stores
    • prevent musculoskeletal injuries
  4. Three Phases of Nutrient Timing
    • 1. Exercise
    • 2. Recovery - microenvironment ripe for action, "golden window"
    • -need carbs for glycogen stores and protein for muscle
    • -45 min window
    • 3. Maintainence - for growth and repair
  5. Definition of Dietary Supplement
    A product that contains substances like vitamins, minerals, foods, botanicals, amino acids and is intended to supplement the usual intake of these substances. Dietary supplements are found in pill, tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form and are meant to be taken by mouth
  6. Regulatory Process for dietary supplements
    • -Required ingredient and nutrition labeling.
    • -Provided for use of various claims and structure/function statements** in advertising.
    • -Required formation of a Commission on Dietary Supplement Labels and an Office of Dietary Supplements within the National Institutes of Health.
  7. FDA Health Claims --approve = scientific evidence
    • Calcium, Vitamin D: osteoporosis
    • Sodium: high blood pressure
    • Dietary fat: cancer
    • Dietary saturated fat and cholesterol: risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)
    • Soluble fiber-containing grain products, fruits, and vegetables: CHD and cancer
    • Folate: neural tube birth defects
    • Soy protein: CHD
    • Dietary sugar alcohols: dental caries
    • Potassium: high blood pressure/stroke
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