Vocab March 1

  1. Penitent
    feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing and disposed to atonement and amendment; repentant; contrite.
  2. Plausible
    having an appearance of truth or reason
  3. Substantiate
    to establish by proof or competent evidence
  4. Vindicate
    to clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like
  5. Condescending
    showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority
  6. Contemptuous
    showing or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful
  7. Despotic
    of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a despot or despotism; autocratic; tyrannical
  8. Dictatorial
    of or pertaining to a dictator or dictatorship
  9. Disdain
    to look upon or treat with contempt; despise; scorn
  10. Naughty
    Disobedient; mischievous
  11. Imperious
    domineering in a haughty manner; dictatorial; overbearing
  12. Patronizing
    displaying or indicative of an offensively condescending manner
  13. Convoluted
    Twisted; coiled
  14. Cryptic
    mysterious in meaning; puzzling; ambiguous
  15. Futile
    incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless; not successful
  16. Impede
    to retard in movement or progress by means of obstacles or hindrances; obstruct; hinder
  17. Obscure
    not clear or plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain
  18. Quandary
    a state of perplexity or uncertainty, esp. as to what to do; dilemma
  19. Indolent
    having or showing a disposition to avoid exertion; slothful
  20. Insipid
    without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities; vapid
  21. Strumpet
    a prostitute; harlot
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Vocab March 1
Vocab words for the first week of March.