Nutritional Requirements

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  1. RDI Ca
    1200 mg daily for adults over 50, 1500 mg daily for post-menopausal women and all adults over 65
  2. Vit D RDI
    • Adults 51-70, 400 IUs
    • Adults 71+: 600 IUs
  3. Who shou.ld get Vit D supplements?
    Those who are homebound or institutionalized, and those with osteomalacia or osteoporosis
  4. How do you dose Ca?
    Absorption of Ca decreases as the amt ingested decreases (starting at around 500), therefore divide dosing into BID and TID
  5. How is Ca administered?
    Calcium carbonate should be taken with food, calcium citrate may be taken with or without food
  6. Folate RDI
    51+: 40 micrograms
  7. What is the upper limit of folate dosing?
    1000 micrograms, as too much can mask B12 deficiency
  8. Dietary sources of folate
    Grain products, dark green leafy vegetables
  9. B12 RDI
    50+: 2.4 micrograms (through dietary sources)
  10. Dietary sources of B12
    Meat products including fish and eggs
  11. B6 RDI
    50+ 1.5 mg
  12. B6 upper limits
    100 mg, if above limit, pts have neurologic (cognitive and motor) function
  13. B6 deficiency
    leads to fatigue or depressed feelings
  14. Dietary sources of B6
    Meats, including fish, many veggies and fruits are also high in B6
  15. Zinc RDI
    8 mg for women 19+. 11 mg for men 19+
  16. Zinc deficiency
    Leads to dermatitis, loss of taste sensation, and decreased immune function
  17. Dietary sources of zinc
    seafood, grains, eggs
  18. Omega 3 RDI
    1.1g for women and 1.6 grams for men
  19. Malnutrition definition
    Unintentional loss of 10% of body weight with serum albumin <3.5g/dL
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