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  1. what factors are associated with conflict resolution?
    • Evolutionary stable strategy ( game theory and assumptions)
    • Evolution of display ( hawks and doves, hawks and doves and bourgeois)
  2. what is strategy?
    it is a behavioral response of an individual
  3. what is ESS?
    strategy which if adopted by all members of a population cannot be invaded by any alternative strategy . This is found using game theory
  4. when is game theory needed?
    it is needed when fitness consequences of a behaviour depend on what others are doing.( frequency dependent)
  5. what is the example of a frequency dependence?
    right and left jaw fish
  6. what assumptions are made for ESS?
    • Infinite population
    • Asexual reproduction
    • all strategies are specified
    • either pairwise contest occur or one individual competes against a group
  7. possible behaviors associated with evolution of display?
    • display
    • fight but risk injury
    • retreat
  8. what is pure ESS?
    when they are all hawks or all doves. Usually when V resource is greater than cost
  9. what does frequency dependence mean?
    It means fitness depends on strategy frequancy
  10. what is a mechanism for Mixed ESS?
    stable strategy set in which a single individual sometimes performs one strategy and sometimes another with the probability p.
  11. what does stable polymorphic state
    in which a fraction p of the population adopts one strategy and the remainder 1-p adopts another.
  12. what do side blotched lizards do ? what is this an example of ?
    • they have three throat color morphs
    • Blue they are ineffective against orange males
    • orange males have large territories
    • yellow males sneak copulation
    • this is an example of stable polymorphism
  13. what is uncorrelated asymmetry?
    • it is where opponents differ but not with regard to fighting ability
    • example is the hawk dove and bourgeois
  14. when is hawk dove bourgeois pure ESS?
    if V> C then hawk will be pure ESS and when V
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