SAT lesson 17

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  1. abstemious
    sparing (usually in eating or drinking); temperate
  2. admonish
    to caution, to advise, or to counsel against something
  3. amity
  4. bastion
    a fortification, a stronghold
  5. callous
    hardened; insensitive, indifferent, unsympathetic
  6. clemency
  7. debunk
    to expose the falseness or hypocrisy of something
  8. diffuse
    to spread in all directions
  9. dupe
    to trick, to fool, to deceive, or to cheat; to bilk
  10. exorcise
    to expel an evil spirit, to get rid of something troublesome
  11. finesse
    delicate skill
  12. humility
    the quality or state of being humble in spirit
  13. imperious
    extremely overbearing
  14. larceny
    the act of stealing another's property
  15. mirth
    gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughter
  16. mollify
    to soothe or to appease, to assuage
  17. neologism
    a newly coined word or phrase; new use of a word (often disapproved of)
  18. orthodox
    conforming to established standards, conventional
  19. plight
    difficult or adverse situation
  20. repertoire
    a list of works of music or readings that are ready for performance
  21. rupture
    to break apart, to burst
  22. solicitous
    worried, concerned
  23. stolid
    showing little emotion
  24. tempestuous
    turbulent, stormy
  25. untenable
    not able to be defended
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