SAT lesson 16

  1. acclaim
    praise; approval; to salute; to hail
  2. amass
    to collect, to gather, to accumulate
  3. anarchist
    one who believes in the absence of government or law
  4. banter
    to speak in a witty or teasing manner
  5. blithe
    lighthearted, joyous, glad, cheerful, free of spirit
  6. cacophonous
    harsh sounding, having dissonance
  7. commensurate
  8. complacency
    the state of being self-satisfied
  9. desiccate
    to dry up
  10. diminution
    diminshment, reduction
  11. elicit
    to bring out a response, to evoke
  12. incessant
  13. jollity
    merriment, state of being jolly
  14. kindle
    to start a fire, to stir up
  15. parsimony
    stinginess, frugality; excessive economy
  16. penury
    extreme poverty
  17. perspicacious
    having clear insight, shrewd, very perceptive
  18. pliable
    easily manipulated or able to be bent freely without breaking
  19. quell
    to quiet or to put down a disturbance
  20. rectify
    to st right or to correct
  21. rue
    to be sorry for, to regret
  22. sluggard
    a person who is lazy
  23. stealthy
    acting in a secret and sneaky way--this is a negative term
  24. succint
    brief, compact
  25. voluminous
    marked by great volume or size
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SAT lesson 16
SAT lesson 16