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  1. list 5 hazards or aerosol therapy
    • bronchospasm
    • overyhydration
    • overheating of inspired gases
    • tubing condensation affecting FIO2
    • contaminated water to pt
  2. if the inspired air can hold 32 per liter and is holding 8 mg/l what is the relative humidity
  3. how much of a humidity deficit exists when a pt inspires air holding 30 of h20 per liter
    14 mg/l
  4. give an example of a humidifier that can deliver gas at 100% body humidity
    • cascade
    • wick
  5. 4 hazards of USN therapy
    • overhydration
    • bronchospasms
    • electrical hazard
    • sudden mobilization of secretion
  6. a clogged filter or capillary tube on a jet neb has what effect on the operation of the device
    decreased water output
  7. 5 clinical indications for aerosol therapyhow should a pt be instructed to breathe while a bronchodilating agent is being administered via SVN
    • improve secretion mobilizations
    • increase delivery of aerosolized medications
    • prevent dehydration
    • induce cough
    • relieve upper airway inflammation
    • hydrate airways
  8. HME can produce a body humidity in what range?
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