Minor Works

  1. What is the first complete setting of the items of the Ordinary?
    Messe de Notre Dame
  2. Who wrote the Messe de Notre Dame?
    Guillaume de Machaut
  3. In the Messe de Notre Dame, how are the Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and Ite missa est similar?
    They are melismatic with a setting of the cantus firmus.
  4. What is the style of the Gloria and Credo of the Messe de Notre Dame?
    They have a syllabic style reminiscent of the 13th century conductus.
  5. What is significant about the use of cantus firmus in the Messe de Notre Dame?
    Machaut uses cf based on appropriate Gregorian melodies rather than cf from outside the liturgy.
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Minor Works
Questions about smaller works that would be good to know for orals.