SAT lesson 14

  1. adulterate
    to make impure by adding lesser sustances; to corrupt
  2. animosity
    harsh feelings, enmity, resentment, hatred
  3. apocryphal
    of doubtful origin or authenticity, not genuine
  4. avarice
    greed for wealth
  5. coalesce
    to merge, to fuse, to join, or to unite
  6. collaborate
    to work together
  7. cryptic
    mysterious, secret
  8. desultory
    jumping around, aimless, random
  9. dissipation
    wasteful spending, squandering
  10. edifying
    instructing and improving spiritually or morally
  11. equivocate
    to attempt to lie, to mislead, or to hide the truth
  12. espousing
    marrying, giving one's loyalty; adopting or embracing a cause
  13. hedonist
    one who seeks pleasure as the sole aim in life
  14. indefatigable
    tireless, incapable of beign fatigued
  15. interminable
    having or seeming to have no end, wearisomely protracted
  16. naive
    unsophisticatedl inexperienced
  17. parody
    humorous or ridiculous imitation
  18. peripheral
    on the edge, not important
  19. portent
    a sign or forewarning
  20. prodigious
    extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree, great in size, enormous
  21. profane
    showing contempt towerd sacred things
  22. respite
    a rest, a delay, a period of relief
  23. sordid
    filthy, foul
  24. surfeited
    fed or supplied to excess
  25. trifling
    not significant, frivolous
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SAT lesson 14
SAT lesson 14