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  1. Who was the youngest person to be elected President of the U.S.?
    John F. Kennedy
  2. Bureaucracy is the name given to?
    A large organization, structured hierarchically, that carried out specific functions.
  3. If the Electoral College fails to give any Presidential Candidate a majority, the Electionof the President is determined by?
    the house
  4. The Governor of Texas currently serves for a term of?
    4 years
  5. The Governor of Texas can be removed from office before the end of his or her term only by?
  6. The Weberian Model of Bureaucracy characterizes it as having?
    A hierarchical organization
  7. The annual salary of the Governor of Texas is approximately?
  8. The Acquisitive Model of Bureaucracy holds that?
    Leaders of bureaucracies seek expanded budgets and large staffs.
  9. The Monopolistic Model of Bureaucracy states that?
    Bureaucracies have no competitors and are therefore inefficient
  10. The Governor’s important bargaining tools are mainly?
  11. A Special Session of the Texas Legislature may be called by?
    The governor only
  12. A formal power of the Texas Governor, enhanced by the visibility of the office and use ofthe media, is called?
    Message Power
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govt final .4
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