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  1. the 14th amendment?
    provided a way to apply the bills of rights to the states.
  2. in the 1944 case of smith v. alwright, the supreme court ruled the __ to be a violation of the 15th amendment?
    -white primary
  3. in india dowry killing?
    -is rarely prosecuted
  4. in Lemon v. Kurtzman the supreme court?
    • -ruled that diret staate aid could not be used to
    • subsidize religious instruction.
  5. The federal court dervieves its power from __ and is organized according to __ ?
    -article 3 of the constitution, congressional legislation.
  6. under most state penal codes, traffic violations are classified as ?
  7. Teaching Darwin's theory of evolution in the public schools?
    -is often controversial because the theory is not accepted as true by many americans, especially in the "bible belt"
  8. Cruel and unusal punishment is prohibited by?
    the 8th amendment.
  9. ____ is the right to vote?
  10. The authority of a court to hear and decide a particular class of cases is known as?
  11. Municipal courts were created to legally deal with cases involving?
    -violations of city ordinances
  12. the miranda rule?
    • - has been limited in recent years by a number of
    • exceptions established by the supreme court
  13. in the 2003 decision of lawrence v texas, the supremem court?
    -declared laws against sodomy between consenting adults in private unconstitutional.
  14. in the case of brown v board of edu of topeka the us supreme court held that?
    -public school segregation of races violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment
  15. Most american law is based on ?
    The english legal system.
  16. a procedure used by the supreme court to determine which case it will hear is called?
    the rule of four.
  17. crimes committed by business professionals, such
    as embezzlement and fraud are called?
    white collar crimes.
  18. Campus Speech Codes?
    • -have usually been ruled unconstitutional at states
    • schools.
  19. in the us women gained the right to vote nationwide?
    -after britain and canda but before japan and italy.
  20. A question that has to do with the us. constitution, acts of congress or treaties is known as ___ question?
  21. A formal question to the chair regarding parliamentary procedure is known as a ?
    point of orders
  22. The political power of the Texas Lieutenant Governor is largely based on?
    The rules of the texas senate
  23. case work is?
    Constituent Service
  24. The Legislature may override a governor's veto by a ?
    2/3rds vote of both houses.
  25. Money bills?
    -must originate in the house
  26. a rule in the texas senate which allows a senator to halt consideration of a bill for 48 hours in called/
  27. texas state sneators are lected for a term of?
    4 years.
  28. the enumerated powers of congress are powers?
    -expressly give to that body in the constitution
  29. the authority to investigate and punsh violation
    of texas ethics law is granted to the texas?
    ethics commission
  30. the most important committees in congress are __ committies, permanent bodies that possess an
    expertise resulting from their jurisdition over certain policy areas.
  31. In the texas senate a bill placed on the calendar solely to assure a 2/3rd votes on legislation is called a?
    blockinng bill.
  32. A filibuster is ?
    the use of the senate's tradition of unlimited debate as a delaying tactic to block a bill.
  33. texas legislature meets in regular session for?
    140 days in odd years
  34. a committee action that tables
    legislationk,effectively killing it is called/
  35. the allocation of seats in the house to each state after each census is known as?
  36. a member's request for a special appropriation for projects back home that are attached to a bill
    to gain votes is known as an/
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