1. compress
    make smaller, condense.
  2. illumination
    to fill with light, illuminate.
  3. marionette
    a puppet that moves by strings.
  4. thimble
    cap to protect thumb while using a needle.
  5. distill
    to purify, make clean.
  6. obligate
    to commit; legally and morally.
  7. salamandar
    amphibian with scales.
  8. capillary
    a vessel; hair- like structure.
  9. phoenix
    person of excellence, beauty.
  10. mourn
    fell or express sorrow, lament.
  11. proclivity
    natural leaning or disposition.
  12. ignite
    to set on fire.
  13. odious
    offensive, deserving hatred.
  14. cacophony
    meaningless mixture of sounds.
  15. centrifuge
    rotating machine that separates substances.
  16. sieve
    a person that can't be trusted.
  17. suffuse
    to overspread.
  18. dentifrice
    preparation for cleaning teeth.
  19. insidious
    cunning, sly.
  20. praetor
    people that civilized justice.
  21. contemptible
    mean, low.
  22. trifle
    something of little value, sum of money.
  23. writhe
    to squirm or move in pain.
  24. plummet
    to drop.
  25. flail
    an instrument similar to a war weapon.
  26. exhalation
    to breathe.
  27. hover
    to linger above.
  28. simultaneous
    occurring at the same time.
  29. convolution
    rolling, coiling.
  30. desolation
    instant desertness, to be deprived of.
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