The Pit and The Pendulum

  1. locution
    type of speech; how a person talks.
  2. lucid
    to be understood; clear.
  3. epoch
    distinctive period marked by events.
  4. ascertain
    to be certain or sure of.
  5. cognizant
    aware of.
  6. recusant
    to refuse to do something.
  7. accentuate
    to stress or emphasize.
  8. voracity
    to desire in large amounts; lavish.
  9. writhe
    to twist in pain.
  10. imperceptible
    to be cautious; subtle.
  11. specters
    terrifying; ghosts or spirits.
  12. stealth
    a secret procedure; place to depart or enter.
  13. supervened
    to occur afterwards.
  14. conjecture
    theory or belief without proof.
  15. swoon
    to faint or be unconscious.
  16. gossamer
    web, cobweb; light, thin fabric.
  17. cadence
    rythmic flow or pattern.
  18. tumultuous
    uproar, raising commotion.
  19. pervade
    spread out.
  20. oppress
    to weigh down, feel guilty.
  21. perish
    to die or be hurt in a violent act.
  22. prostrate
    lay flat, throw to the ground.
  23. avidity
    eagerness, enthusiastic.
  24. charnel
    place for a dead body.
  25. traverse
    to pass or move along through.
  26. oscillations
    swinging movements; different beliefs or opinions.
  27. scimitar
    curved sword with one edge.
  28. sunder
    to separate, to divide up.
  29. pertinacity
    determination, persistant.
  30. ague
    fear, shaking.
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