english final

  1. Annihilate
    to destroy completely
  2. Expendable
    not worth keeping
  3. infinitesimally
    immeasurably or incalculably
  4. primeval
    the prehistoric ages of life
  5. Resilient
    recovering; rebounding
  6. revoke
    to take back or to reverse
  7. sheath
    to enclose with a protective covering
  8. subliminal
    below the threshold
  9. taint
    to corrupt morally
  10. undulate
    to cause to move in a smooth wave motion
  11. Hurly- Burly
  12. Anon
  13. ere
  14. valiant
    possessing courageous behavior
  15. brandished
    to wave or flourish a weapon
  16. quarrel
    an angry dispute
  17. heath
    extensive tract of uncultivated land
  18. enfold
    to cover with or as if with folds
  19. Garments
    an article of clothing
  20. Interim
    an interval of time between one event
  21. Liege
    a lord
  22. Frankly
    in trouth or honesty
  23. hare
    any of carious of the family rabbits
  24. Plight
    a situation
  25. hover
    linger in a place
  26. vessel
    a craft for traveling on water; a ship or a boat
  27. Amends
    to reimburse for a loss, damage, or injury
  28. Scorn
    contempt; the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, and worthless
  29. Pious
    having or showing religious devotion
  30. Bestow
    to give or present as a gift
  31. exasperate
    to ittitate or provoke to a high degree; annoy
  32. leisure
    having time free of demands of work or duties
  33. whilst
  34. ecstasy
    over powering emotion or exaggeration
  35. doistered
    secluded from the world; sheltered
  36. Parricide
    the act of killing one's father, mother, or other close relative
  37. rancor
    hatred, malice
  38. Posterity
    future generations
  39. Dauntless
  40. Predominant
    to dominate or prevail over
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