French Revolution

  1. First Estate
    • 1% pop
    • Roman Catholic Clergy
    • ----Higher & Lower Clergy
  2. Second Extate
    • 2% pop
    • Nobility
    • 25% land owned
  3. Third Estate
    • phesants/artisons/middle class
    • Few political rights
  4. The Directory
    • formed from constitution
    • 2 house legislature

  5. Louis XVI
    tried to solve financial crisis
  6. The Bastille
    fortress/prison in Paris
  7. Declaration of the Rights of Man
    France's constitution
  8. Guillotine
    way to kill people
  9. Sans Culottes
    a revolutionary of the poorer class
  10. The Reign of Terror
    • Jacobin's set to crush all opposition in France
    • - guillotine
  11. Marie Antoinette
    wife of Louis XVI
  12. Tennis Court Oath
    oath taken not to disband until thay had written a new constitution for France
  13. Jacobins
    Group that set to crush all opposition in france during war
  14. Robespierre
    Ruler during reign of terror
  15. Girondists
    political group of moderate republicans in the French Revolution
  16. The Convention
    • comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly
    • It held executive power in France during the first years of the French First Republic. It was succeeded by the Directory
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