GEO Renaissance/Reformation

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  1. Leonardo
    • Renaissance artist
    • The last supper, etc.
  2. Machiavelli
    • diplomat
    • wrote The Prince - analyzed the politics of Renaissance Italy
  3. Martin Luther
    • Justification By Faith- a person could be made good by faith in God's mercy and love
    • from Wittenberg
    • Translated New Testament to German
  4. 95 Theses
    By Luther- what he thought was wrong with the church
  5. Calvinism
    • John Calvin
    • God posesses all-encompassing power & knowledge
  6. Henry VIII
    Broke away from the Church
  7. Catherine of Aragon
    Henry VIII's 1st wife
  8. Anne Boleyn
    Henry VIII's 2nd wife
  9. Petrarch
    wrote sonnets (abt. love for Laura- died in plague)
  10. Raphael
    • painter
    • vatican, pope's apartment
  11. Sir Thomas More
    • Statesman
    • wrote Utopia
  12. Johann Tetzel
    • Salesman
    • said indulgences could forgive future sins
  13. Diet of Worms
    Martin Luther's trial
  14. Council of Trent
    • council reaffirming Catholic teachings
    • --that had been challenged by Protestants
  15. John Calvin
    • Calvinism
    • Swiss city- Geneva
  16. Boccaccio
    Famous writer of time of Black Plague; friend of Francesco
  17. Michaelangelo
    • Learned Craft in Florence
    • Later sculpted works for the pope in Rome
    • Hired by Pope Julius II to paint Vatican's Sistine Chapel Ceiling
    • Works- statue of David, la pietá
  18. Johann Gutenberg
    • printer
    • printed complete edition of bible
  19. Leo X
    • Ruler
    • Trying to raise money for St. Peter's Basillica in Rome
  20. Papal Bull
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