reproductive system

  1. aedeagus
    the male copulatory organ, variable constructed aka penis
  2. accessory gland
    a gland subsidiary to a major one, more specifically, a gland opening into the genital chamber
  3. testis
    one of usually a pair of male gonads
  4. vas deferens
    one of the ducts that carry sperm from the testes
  5. seminal vesicle
    male sperm storage organ
  6. ejaculatory duct
    the duct that leads from the fused vas deferens to the gonopore throug hwhich semen or sperm is transported
  7. ovary
    one of the paired gonads of female insects, each comprising several ovarioles
  8. ovarioles
    one of several ovarian tubes that form the ovary each consisting of a germarium a vitellarium and a stalk or pedicel
  9. lateral oviduct
    in female insects the paired tubes leading from the ovaries to the common oviduct
  10. spermatheca
    the female receptacle for sperm deposited during mating
  11. common oviduct
    in female insects, the tubes leading from the fused lateral oviducts to the vagina
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