English Exam

  1. Metaphor
    Comparing one thing to another as if it is that
  2. Similie
    Like or as
  3. Personification
    Giving humanlike qualities to an object
  4. Symbol
    Meant to represent something else
  5. Paradox
    a statement that seems to contradict itself
  6. Free Verse
    writing poetry in an unstructured style
  7. Parable
    Short story with a moral
  8. Allegory
    strong use of symbols in a work
  9. Modernism
    Modernistic literature tends to revolve around the themes of individualism, the randomness of life, mistrust of institutions (government, religion) and the disbelief in any absolute truths
  10. Causes for Modernism
    Modernist literature attempted to move from the bonds of Realist literature
  11. Existentialism
    explores human emotion, what it means to be human
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