Theology Sex

  1. What is the data of kids who ever had sex?
    • 9th is lowest; males highest
    • 10- is next lowest; males
    • 11th- increases; male highest
    • 12th: highest; female highest
  2. First sexual intercourse before age 13...
    highest in grade nine and decreases to seniors; highest in all males all grades
  3. Currently sexual active:
    increases from freshman to senior; highest in males from 9-11; highest in females 12
  4. What do oyu notice about the statistics between males nad females in Grades 9, 10, and 11 compared with grade 12? (Ever had)
    in grade 12, more girls have sex
  5. What do you notice about the male and female statistics in grade 9 compared with the other grades. (Ever had)
    a lot mor emales have sex than females
  6. What do you notice about the statistics for students in grade 9 compared with the students in grade 10? (first before 13)
    higher in grade 9
  7. What do you notice about the statistics for studnets in grade 10 compared with students in grade 11? (first before 13)
    higher in 10
  8. What do you notice about hte statistics for students in grade 11 compared with students in grade 12? (first before 13)
    higher in grade 11
  9. What general conclusion can you make about all you have noticed in first had sex before 13?
    younger kids are having sex
  10. What do you motice about these statistics compared with the statistics for "ever had sexual intercourse?" (currently)
  11. What do you notice about the statistic for grade 12 students? (currently)
    girls are higher
  12. What connection exists between teens who test postitive for infectious syphilis and gonorrhea and contracting the HIV virus?
    teens who had eitehr one are at 2.5- 3x greater risk of contracting far more deadly HIV within the next few years
  13. What % of new HIV cases is attribtued to teens and young adults?
    25% a quarter
  14. How does this compare with other age groups?
    their numbers have started to fall; teens and young adults are rising
  15. How do Philadelphia teens compare with teens from most other cities with regards to sexual behaviors...
    o sexually active?
    o first sexual experience before 13?
    o had four or more partners?
    • SA: 64 vs 46%
    • FSEBA13: 15 vs 6%
    • HFOMP: 26 vs 14%
  16. Whta group of people in the city of Philadelphia had an increase in reported cases of infectious syphilis in the year 209?
    young women
  17. In the Philadelphia's school system testing program, whta % of boys tested positive for STD's?
  18. What % of girls tested positive?
  19. What does the positive screening test mean with regard to HIV?
    a boy was 2.5 more likely to contract HIV within a few years; a girl 3x more likely
  20. What does the term "sexual network" mean?
    a circular pattern of behavior that worsens all of the epidemics
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