43 2nd Conjugation Latin Verbs

  1. appareo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to appear
  2. ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsurus
    to burn, be on fire
  3. audeo, audere, ausus sum
    to dare
  4. augeo, augere, auxi, auctum
    to increase, enlarge
  5. careo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to lack, be without (takes abl.)
  6. caveo, cavere, cavi, cautum
    to beware, be on guard
  7. contineo, continere, continui, contentum
    to hold together, contain
  8. debeo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to owe, should, must
  9. deleo, -ere, -evi, -etum
    to destroy
  10. doceo, docere, docui, doctum
    to teach
  11. doleo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to feel pain, cause pain
  12. exerceo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to make strong, train, harass
  13. fleo, -ere, -evi, -etum
    to weep
  14. habeo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to have, hold, consider, regard
  15. horreo, -ere, -ui
    to bristle, have one's hair stand on end
  16. iaceo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to recline, lie
  17. impleo, -ere, -evi, -etum
    to fill up
  18. invideo, invidere, invidi, invisum
    to cast the evil eye, envy (w. dat.)
  19. iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum
    to order
  20. lateo, -ere, -ui
    to lie hidden
  21. maneo, manere, mansi, mansum
    to stay
  22. mereo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to deserve, earn
  23. misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum
    to mix
  24. moneo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to warn, advise
  25. moveo, movere, movi, motum
    to move
  26. noceo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to harm, be harmful (w. dat.)
  27. pareo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to be obedient, obey (w. dat.)
  28. pateo, -ere, -ui
    to lie open, exposed
  29. persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasum
    to persuade (w. dat.)
  30. placeo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to please (w. dat.)
  31. praebo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to offer
  32. respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsum
    to answer, correspond (usu w. dat)
  33. retineo, retinere, retinui, retentum
    to hold back, keep
  34. rideo, ridere, risi, risum
    to laugh, smile
  35. sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessum
    to sit, stay put
  36. studeo, -ere, -ui
    to be eager (for), be busy with (usu w. dat.)
  37. sustineo, -ere, -ui
    to support, uphold
  38. taceo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to be quiet
  39. teneo, -ere, -ui, -tum
    to hold, have
  40. terreo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to scare
  41. timeo, -ere, -ui
    to be afraid of, fear
  42. valeo, -ere, -ui, -itum
    to be strong
  43. video, videre, vidi, visum
    to see; (passive voice) to seem, be seen
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