Theology: Gospels

  1. How many temptations did Jesus experience in the desert?
  2. How many temptations did Jesus experience in his life?
  3. Who accompanied Jesus to the Transfiguration?
    Peter, James, John
  4. Who accompanied Jesus to the desert?
  5. Who led Jesus into the desert?
    Holy Spirit
  6. What event took place immediately before the temptations in the desert?
    Jesus' baptism
  7. What Old Testament persons appeared with Jesus at the Transfiguration?
    Moses and Elijah
  8. What words did God the Father speak at the Transfiguration?
    This is my Beloved Son
  9. What did Peter want to do at the Transfiguration?
    build three tents
  10. Where did the Transfiguration take place?
    on a mountain
  11. Describe Jesus' physical condition t the Temptations in theDesert?
  12. Describe Jesus' emotional condition at the Temptations int he Desert?
  13. What was the last temptation Jesus experienced in his lifetime?
    Saving himself at the crucifixion
  14. Why was Jesus led into the desert?
    The Holy Spirit led him to make him stronger and so he could know his true self; also it shows Jesus is human
  15. What does the story of Jesus' temptations teach us about the evil spirit?
    the story teaches us that the Holy Spirit knows when we're vulnerable and tries to break us down; he knows our weaknesses and attacks them, like when jesus was hungry
  16. What event took place right before Jesus went into the desert?
    his baptism
  17. Who led him into the desert?
    Holy Spirit
  18. Why did he lead him into the desert?
    to make him stronger so he could know his true self so we could know Jesus is human
  19. How much time did Jesus spend in the desert?
    40 days
  20. Explain Jesus' physical and emotional condition in the desert?
    hungry and lonely
  21. How many temptations did Jesus experience in the desert? What were they?
    • 3
    • 1) turn stones into bread
    • 2) jump from the top of the Temple, for it is written God would send his angels
    • 3) bow down to me and all the kingdoms will be yours
  22. How did God care for Jesus at the end of the temptations?
    he sent angels to care for him
  23. How many temptations did Jesus experience in his lifetime?
  24. What may have been Jesus' last temptation?
    save himself at his crucifixion
  25. Why did the devil tempt Jesus when he was in the desert?
    to see if he was vulnerable
  26. What does this story teach us abbout the evil spirit?
    he knows when we're most vulnerable and tries to break us down
  27. What does the story of the Temptations teach us about us?
    we can be strong
  28. Whta does the story of the Temptations teach us about God?
    he has our backs; he's watching
  29. Where did jesus experience being transfigured?
    top of mt.
  30. What does transfiguration mean?
    change (in form or figure)
  31. Who accompanied Jesus to this place?
    • Peter
    • James
    • John
  32. What other event in Jesus' life did these three witness?
    agony in the garden
  33. Why might Jesus have only brought these three persons with him?
  34. Which OT persons joined with Jesus at this time?
    Elijah and Moses
  35. What did God communicate at this event?
    you are my beloved son
  36. At what otehr event did God say these same words?
  37. Why might God have allowed Jesus to experience the transfiguration?
    give him the strength because he was about to go through his hardest times
  38. What did Peter want to do at this event?
    build three tents for each of them
  39. WHy might Peter have felt that way?
    everythign was perfect; safe, protected, comfortable
  40. What can we learn about JEsus from this transfiguration?
    He is God
  41. What can we learn about ourselves from JEsus' transfiguration?
    ther's more than meets the eye
  42. What can we learn about Go dfrom the Transfiguration?
    he is always watching out for us; has our backs
  43. Why did Jesus stop at the well?
    tired from journey
  44. Besides water, what other service did the well offer?
    socializing with other people
  45. What was unusual about Jesus and the woman's convo?
    Samaritans and JEws don't talk; man talking to woman
  46. What does that tell you about Jesus?
    he loves and accepts everyone; he is God
  47. What lesson can we take from this example?
    Don't judge someone for race, color , culture, ethnicity
  48. Wht was the first question Jesus presented to the woman?
    for a drink
  49. What did Jesus offer to the woman?
    water of eternal life; she will not be thirsty again; everyone who drinks this water will never be thirsty
  50. How did teh woman respond to the offer?
    she asks Jesus to give her the water so she'll never be thirsty again
  51. How many husbands did the woman have?
  52. What did the woman do after Jesus and she spoke?
    she went to town and told people
  53. What did teh woman leave at the well?
    her jar of water
  54. WHy is her leaving her jar significant?
    she wiill not be thirsty again
  55. At first why did the townspeople believe in Jesus? In the end, why did they believe?
    • because the Samaritan woman said "He told me everything I have done"
    • they believed because of JEsus' word
  56. What is living water?
    eternal life
  57. Where will you find such water?
    by believing in God
  58. How long has the man in the gospel been blidn?
    since birth
  59. What woul dpeople say was the reason for his blindness?
    he or parents sinned
  60. What did Jesus say was the reason for his blindness?
    for God's glory so his work be shown through him
  61. What did Jesus use in his healing of the blind man?
    spit and sand= clay
  62. What is the significance of using this?
    natural; the man trusted him
  63. How did people respond to the healing?
    doubt and anger
  64. Who questioned the man about his being healed? What did they want to know?
    • Pharisees and neighbors
    • how was he healed
  65. What problem did they have with the healing?
    it was on the Sabbath
  66. How supportive were the blind man's parents in all of this?
    not supportive because they were afraid of being exprelled
  67. How did the Pharisees describe Jesus?
  68. What did the blind man ask that Pharisee that truly annoyed them?
    he asked if the Pharisees want to be Jesus' disciples too
  69. What did they eventually do to him?
    they threw him out of the synagogue
  70. What does the blind man tell Jesus?
    I do believe
  71. What does Jesus tell the Pharisees?
    you are b lind
  72. Who are the members of Lazarus' family?
    Mary and Martha
  73. What made one of the sisters famous?
    Mary was the one who anointed the Lord with perfumed oil and dried his feet with her hair
  74. What reason did Jesus give for Lazarus' illness?
    that God can be glorified
  75. What kind of relationship did Jesus have with this family?
    good friends; he loved them
  76. What hesitation did Jesus' desciples have for going to Judea?
    afraid of being stoned
  77. Where was Lazarus when Jesus arrived?
    dead in a tomb for four days
  78. Which sister went to meet Jesus? What did she tell Jesus
    • Martha
    • if you were there, Lazarus wouldn't have died
  79. Complete the name Jesus gave himself while talking with Mary. I am the _.
    resurrectoin adn the life
  80. How did Mary respond when she heard Jesus was asking for her? What did Mary tell Jesus about Lazarus?
    she went immediately; if Jeuss had been there, Lazarus wouldn't have died
  81. How did Jeuss react to all the weeping? Why?
    • he wept/ cried
    • wept for all those who were weeping
  82. Why did Martha object to removing the stone from the tomb?
  83. What did Jesus say to his Father?
    Thank you for hearing me. I know you always hear me, but because of the crowd. I have said this that they may believe you sent me.
  84. Whta did Jesus say to Lazarus?
    come out
  85. What did Jesus say to the crowd? What does this mean to us?
    untie him and let him godeath is a minor thing
  86. What response did the people give to Jesus hafter he raised Lazarus?
    they began to believe in him
  87. Quote: I do not have a husband.
    samaritan woman
  88. Quote: Ask him, he is of age. He can speak for himself.
    Blind Man's parents
  89. Quote: This illness is not to end in death. It is for the glory of God.
  90. Quote: Come and see a man who told me everything I have ever done.
    samaritan woman
  91. Quote: Lord, if you had been here my brother would not have died.
    Mary/ Martha
  92. Quote: Do you want to become his disciples, too?
    The Blind Man
  93. Quote: Give me a drink.
  94. Quote: We no longer believe because of your word.
    The Crowd
  95. Quote: We have heard for ourselves.
  96. Quote: Lord, by now there will be a stench; he has been dead for four days.
  97. Quote: Untie him and let him go free.
  98. Quote: How did he open your eyes?
  99. When Jesus saw the reaction of the crowd to Lazarus' dying, __
    he wept
  100. The Pharisees were angry the blind man was healed because __
    • They did not understand how it happened;
    • they were blind;
    • the miracle took place on the Sabbath;
    • the Miracle made Jesus look good
  101. Lazarus' sister Mary was the woman who __
    washed and anointed Jesus' feet.
  102. The woman at the well had been married __ x.
  103. When the Samaritan woman went to the town to tell people about Jesus she left her __ at the well.
    __ is another name for living water.
    • jar of water
    • eternal life
  104. At first people in the twon believed because of the woma's testimony. later they believed becaues __.
    of jesus' word
  105. Jesus told Marny, "I am the __."
    When Jesus arrived Lazarus was already __.
    • resurrection adn teh life
    • dead in the tomb for 4 days
  106. The Blind Man had been blind since __.
    The reason for the Blind Man's blindness and the reason for Lazarus' dying was __.
    • birth
    • so the glory of God be shown through him; for the greater glory of God
  107. The parents of the blind man gave their son __ help because they were ___
    • no support or
    • afraid of being expelled from the synagogue
  108. Who entered the tomb first on Sunday?
    Who reached it first?
    • Peter
    • the other disciple
  109. Why did Peter enter the tomb first?
    Peter is the leader
  110. Who was the first person to see the resurrected Jesus. He appeared unrecognized and this person thought he was a __.
    • Mary of Magdala
    • gardener
  111. The two groups who would search up and down for Jesus' body are the:
    • Romans
    • Jews (Pharisees)
  112. How did Mary recognize Jesus?
    What did she exclaim?
    • At first he asked why she was crying and who she was looking for; When she told him, he said "Mary," exclaiming her name
    • rabbouni
  113. Who did Mary think she was talking to?
    a gardener and asked if he moved Jesus' body
  114. When did she visit the body? Why?
    • on the first day of the week early in the morning while it was still dark
    • to anoint the body
  115. How did he prove to the apostles that he was the real Jesus?
    he showed his wombs in his hands and side and feet
  116. Who didn't believe it was Jesus?
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