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  1. Which of the following conditions is characterized by renal calculi and osteopenia?
  2. Renal calculi w/ hyperthyrodism is caused by an excess of which of the following electrolytes
    Calcium and phosphorus
  3. The pt having s/e of which disease: flushed skin bulging eyes, perspiration irritable and has palpitations
  4. The thyroid gland is located
    lower neck anterior to the trake
  5. What test should the Nx anticipate to be order for hyperthyrodism?
    T4, TSA
  6. The Nx and the Pt has discuss the recent diagnosis of Hyperthyrodim which of the following indicate that the Pt needs further instruction?
    I just eat too much thats why Im depressed and over weight
  7. Pt has been diagnosed w/ hyperthyrodism the Nx should anticipate which of the following medications to be prescribed for this pt?
  8. Hyperphosphatemia and hypoperothyrodism and indicative of?
  9. Excessive output of thyroid hormone from abnormal of stimulation the itiology of which condition?
  10. Following -------
  11. Which particular vitamin enhance absorption of calcium from the GI track?
    Vitamin D
  12. Nx should anticipate which of the following s/s for hyperthyrodism?
    tiredness, weight gain, and constipation
  13. Which of the following treatment can be used for hyperthyrodism?
    irridiation of the thyroid
  14. Which of the following s/s for Hypocalcemia?
  15. ---
  16. a Pt has a subtotal of --- in the early morning --- who now has nausea temp 105 tachycardia and extress restlessness, what is the most slightly cause?
    Thyroid storm
  17. Nx is taking care of subtotal -------------
    difficulty in swallowing
  18. The CNA wants to know why did you put on the chart of the pt w/ hyperthyrodism high risk for injury
    Pathologic fractures
  19. Pt had her thyroid glad surgical removed after post-op nx should advise pt to eat?
    Milk and cheese
  20. on the 3rd day after a partial thyrodectomy the pt experience------
    calcium gluconate
  21. Pt w/ high levels of T3 and T4
  22. iv 1,000 infushion 5% destros in water
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