Baugess terms

  1. NAFTA
    • North American Trade Agreement
    • Free trade between USA, Canada, & Mexico.
  2. Affirmative Action
    A policy favoring races previously discrimated against. Free college, good jobs, ect.
  3. EPA
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Makes sure that factories and businesses stay environmentally friendly.
  4. Camp David Accords
    An attempt to keep peace in the Middle East.
  5. Watergate
    The plight of Little Richie Nixon to attain intel secretly from the Democratic headquarters.
  6. OPEC
    • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
    • Countries with lots of oil.
  7. Counterculture
    • A culture based around "peace and love".
    • (ie. Hippies)
  8. Betty Friedan
    A famous feminist, wrote "The Feminine Mystique".
  9. NOW
    • National Organization for Women
    • Organization for the equality of women.
  10. ERA
    • A women's rights organization.
    • (There are two of them with the same name. -_-)
  11. Gloria Steinem
    • Famous feminist and journalist
    • One of the first openly pro-choice women.
  12. Cesar Chavez
    United Farm Workers Organizing Committee
    Latino rights activist.Organized farm worker's committees 'n stuff.
  13. AIM
    • American Indian Movement
    • Native American rights movement group.
  14. War Powers Act
    Prevents the President from declaring an act of war without the consent of Congress.
  15. Pentagon Papers
    Secret history of the US political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967. Brought to public attention in 1971.
  16. Kent University State Shooting
    • May 4th;
    • Some students protesting the Vietnam war were shot, some wounded, four dead.
  17. Tet Offensive
    American attack on Vietnam in 1968 during a Vietnamese hoiday.
  18. Dove
    Against the Vietnam war.
  19. Hawk
    For the Vietnam War; Wanted to send more troops.
  20. Selective Service Act
    A "lottery" to see who gets drafted to Vietnam in what order.
  21. Napalm
    Jellied gasoline; "fire from the sky".
  22. Agent Orange
    Killed off the jungles; herbicide.
  23. Ho Chi Minh Trail
    Trail to transport manpower and materials in Vietnam.
  24. Domino Theory
    If one country falls to Communism, more will fall to it.
  25. Tonkin Gulf Resoltion
    Military action by LBJ without the permission of congress.
  26. Brown vs. Board of Education
    Ended segregated schools.
  27. Plessy vs. Ferguson
    Ended "serperate but equal".
  28. Sit-in
    A form of protest that involves sitting down at an establishment, until you get thrown out, arrested, or you get what you want.
  29. NAACP
    • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • Wasn't as successful as MIA.
  30. Segregation
    • Seperation of types of people.
    • (ie. Gender, race, color, ect.)
  31. Jim Crow Laws
    Mandated racial segreation.
  32. Great Society
    A set of programs put in by LBJ in an attempt to improve things by feedin' 'em money.
  33. Warren Commission
    The investigation of the murder of JFK.
  34. Berlin Wall
    Kept the Capitalists in West Berlin.
  35. Bay of Pigs
    Unsucessful attempt of overthrowing Cuba's government by training Cuban exiles and sending them back.
  36. Cuban Missile Crisis
    The exposure of the fact that Russia gave Cuba missiles, and, well, also the attempt of making them not point it at us.
  37. McCarthyism
    Put hate of Communism into Americans, enstilled fear.
  38. Hollywood Ten
    Famous actors and directors arrested accused of having Communist ties.
  39. HUAC
    • House of Unamerican Activities Committee
    • More hate of Commuinism.
  40. Ethel and Julius Rosenburg
    American Communists, put to death because of spying.
  41. Francis Gary Powers
    Shot down in a U-2 spy plane over Cuba; didn't take the cyanide pill.
  42. 38th Parallel
    Korean War
    Demilitarized zone; The border between North Korea and South Korea.
  43. NATO
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • US, Canada, and lots of Europe together wanting to keep Germany down and Russia out.
  44. Iron Curtain
    The fighting boundary dividing Europe in WWII; Physical Boundary.
  45. Marshall Plan
    American aid to help rebuild Europe after WWII.
  46. Truman Doctrine
    US support to keep Communism out of Turkey and Greece.
  47. United Nations
    • Formed after WWII.
    • It's kinda like The Justice League.
    • Why not?
    • You know what this is.
  48. Berlin Airlift
    • The Allies send food and supplies to West Berlin.
    • "Look at us, woohoo, awww yeah."
  49. Japanese Internment Camps
    Japanese imprisoned in camps for years, just because of fear in WWII.
  50. CORE
    • Congress of Racial Equality
    • Group that believes "all people were created equal".
  51. Manhattan Project
    Development of the first nuke.
  52. Atlantic Charter
    Defined the Allies' goals early in WWII.
  53. Appeasement
    Giving someone what they want just to avoid conflict.
  54. Nonagression Pact
    Pact between Russia and Nazi Germany to NOT attack eachother; Hitler broke it, and along with it went Stalin's heart. So Stalin destroyed him.
  55. Genocide
    Mass killing of people for a political reason.
  56. Rationing
    • Being careful not to use too many resources.
    • (ie. Oil, food, water, ect.)
  57. Battle of Stalingrad
    • Conflict between Russia and Germany;
    • The divorce of Hitler and Stalin.
  58. D-Day
    • First day of US invasion of Europe;
    • Landed in Normandy.
  59. Pearl Harbor
    • Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii;
    • Made US get into WWII.
  60. Yalta Conference
    Conference to discuss the reorganization of Europe after WWII.
  61. Fascism
    Form of government based around nationalism and one dictator.
  62. Scopes Trial
    Challenged the law against teaching evolution in schools.
  63. Isolationism
    The practice of minding our own business during times of war for other countires.
  64. Quota System
    Number of immigrants that can move into a country.
  65. Dust Bowl
    Huge dust storm during The Great Depression that lasted almost a decade.
  66. New Deal
    • Economic acts put in by FDR.
    • Social Security.
  67. Stock Market
    Black Tuesday
    Crash of the stock market during 1929, caused The Great Depression.
  68. Import
    What comes into a country.
  69. Export
    What comes out of a country.
  70. Hoovervilles
    Towns made out of whatever people could find during The Great Depression.
  71. FDIC
    Created to boost confidence in banks in the US.
  72. Treaty of Versailles
    • One of the acts that ended WWI.
    • Germany was held responsible for WWI and had to pay for it.
  73. Interstate
    Involving two or more states.
  74. Intrastate
    Inside of a state.
  75. 26th Amendment
    Limited the voting age to 18.
  76. League of Nations
    • Formed after WWI to try to prevent another major war;
    • Failed miserably.
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