Pride and Prejudice

  1. Elizabeth Bennet first meets Mr. Darcy
    at a neighborhood dance
  2. Charlotte Lucas marries
    William Collins
  3. Elizabeth tours Mr. Darcy's home with
    her aunt and uncle
  4. Wickham runs away with Lydia Bennet
    Lydia Bennet
  5. Elizabeth's good friend is
    Charlotte Lucas
  6. Mr. Bennet's house will be inherited by
    William Collins
  7. Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Mr. Darcy's
  8. Early in the novel Elizabeth turns down a proposal from
    Mr. Collins
  9. From Darcy's letter Elizabeth learns that
    she has been mistaken about Wicken
  10. When Elizabeth becomes engaged to Darcy, she is
    at home
  11. The person who separates Jane and Bingley is
    Mr. Darcy
  12. Who hopes that Darcy will marry her daughter?
    Lady Catherine de Bourgh
  13. Who is ultimately responsible for arranging Lydia's marriage?
    Mr. Darcy
  14. Elizabeth stays with the Bingleys at Netherfield because
    she is concerned about Jane's health
  15. Elizabeth learns how Wickham's debts have been settled how?
    in a letter from her aunt
  16. Who is called "vain, ignorant, idle, and absolutely unclontrolled."
    Lydia Bennet
  17. Why does Bingley remain in london all winter?
    his friend Darcy convinces him to stay
  18. Which words best describe jane Bennet?
    sweet and loving
  19. The character most closely associated with pride is
    Mr. Darcy
  20. What does Lady Catherine's treatment of Elizabeth reveal about lady Catherine?
    she is overbearign
  21. An example of a mistaken first impresion is?
    Elizabeth's first impression of Wickham
  22. Charlotte's reason for marrying Mr. Collins is
    the desire for ahome of her own
  23. The character who always sees the best in everyone is?
    Jane Bennet
  24. Which of the following does the author consider the most important ingredient of a happy marriage?
    respect and love
  25. Elizabeth's rejection of Darcy's first proposal teaches him that
    he it too proud
  26. Mrs. Bennet's feeligns about Lydia's marriage are
    happiness and excitement
  27. Mr. bennet's favorite daughter is
  28. Elizabeth Bennet is an example of a
    dynamic character
  29. Pride and Prejudice reflects the attitudes of society in
    England in the 1800s
  30. Which of the folowing characters might best be regarded as a caricature?
    Mr. Collins
  31. Austen's style of writing may be described as
    polished and witty
  32. THe structure of Pride and Prejudice is
  33. The character in the novel who speaks most consistently in an ironic tone is
    Mr. Bennet
  34. Which literary device makes Austen's characters seem realistic?
  35. A central conflict in Pride and PRejudice is the relationship between?
    Elizabeth and Darcy
  36. Jane is attracted to Bingley the first time she meets him.
  37. Darcy exerts a strong influence on Bingley.
  38. Mrs. Bennet is not very intelligent.
  39. Mr. Darcy will only marry an heiress.
  40. Jane is her mother's favoirte child.
    false- lydia
  41. Elizabeth's engagement to Darcy is the result of lady Catherine's interference.
  42. Elizabeth's motive in touring Pemberley is to see Mr. Darcy again.
  43. Mrs. Bennet's chief goal is to marry off her daughters.
  44. Elizabeth learns that she suffers from excessive pride.
  45. Elizabeth's marriage is likely to be happier than that of her parents.
  46. Elizabeth's first impression of Mr. Darcy is that he is
    too proud
  47. Mr. Bingley quickly displays his interest in
    jane Bennet
  48. Elizabeth's bookish, academic sister is
  49. The house in which the Bennets live will be inherited by
    Mr. Collins
  50. Elizabeth walks to Netherfield to see her sister because
    her sister is ill
  51. Caroline Bingley continually flirts with
    Mr. Darcy
  52. Mr. Collins first proposes to
    Elizabeth beenet
  53. Wickham says that Mr. Darcy has
    cheated him out of his inheritance
  54. Shortly after the ball at Netherfield, Jane receives a letter from Caroline Bingley saying that
    the Bingleys are leaving Netherfield
  55. Charlotte tells Elizabeth she has accepted the proposal of
    Mr. Collins
  56. Elizabeth's aunt Mrs. Gardiner warns her not to fall in love with
    Mr. Wickham
  57. Elizabeth pays a visit to the parsonage that is the home of
    Charlotte and William Collins
  58. Lady catherine de Bourgh is Mr. Darcy's
  59. mr. Darcy visits Rosings with his cousin
    Colonel Fitzwilliam
  60. Elizabeth learns that __ was responsible for separating Jane from Bingley.
    Mr. Darcy
  61. While visiting the parsonage, Elizabeth receives a proposal from
    Mr. Darcy
  62. Mr. Darcy reveals the truth about Wickhan's inheritance in a
  63. Elizabeth learned that Wickham had previously attempted to elope with
    Darcy's sister
  64. Although Elizabeth advises against it, Mr. Bennet allows Lydia to accept an invitation to visit the summer headquarters of the regiment in
  65. Elizabeth sets off on a tour of Derbyshire with
    Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner
  66. The housekeeper at Pemberley speaks highly of Mr. Darcy
  67. Mr. Darcy's sister is rude to Elizabeth
  68. Elizabeth tells MR. Darcy thta her sister Lydia has eloped with Wickham.
  69. Mr. Bennet locates Lydia in London.
  70. The Bennets refuse to allow Lydia to visit her former home.
  71. Lydia reveals that Mr. Darcy attended her wedding
  72. Mr. Darcy goes away because he cannot prevent Bingley from marrying Jane
  73. Lady Catherine visists Elizabeth to warn her not to marry Darcy.
  74. Mr. Darcy is reluctant to risk a second proposal, and so Elizabeth proposes to him.
  75. Elizabeth's family is surprises that she has agreed to marry Mr. Darcy
  76. According to the narrator, a single man with a good fortune needs
    a wife
  77. Which of the following best states one of the themes of Pride and Prejudice?
    you cannot judge a book by its cover
  78. Which is not an appropriate description of Darcy in the beginning of the novel?
  79. Why is Darcy attracted to Elizabeth?
    he is attracted because of her wit and candor
  80. ALthough we are led to believe Darcy adn Elizabeth are full of pride and prejudice, we think differently at the end of the novel. Which pairs of characters best exemplifies these characteristics?
    Wm Collins and Lady Catherin
  81. For what purpose does Austen use humor in Pride adn Prejudice?
    to satirize English country life
  82. Which character do we view from the inside? outside?
    • Elizabeth
    • Darcy
  83. Who is the pompous clergyman? blinkered views? loves to mock people? monstrous?
    • Mr. Collins
    • Mrs. Bennet
    • Mr. Bennet
    • Lady Catherine
  84. What does MR. bennet's wit hide?
    a sadness that he has not saved money for his daughters and he can't repay a rich relative who has done him a financial favor
  85. Where do they live? Bingley?
    • Longbourn (in Hertfordshire)
    • Netherfield
  86. In the 18th century, the __ was at the heart of English life. It was the __ or __, which meant that the kign was its head and its bisops sat in the House of Lords.
    • Church of England
    • national or Established Church
  87. __ hopes to be presented to a living in the Church, but _, who controls the __, blocks his appointment.
    • George Wickham
    • Mr. Darcy
    • advowson
  88. __ gets his clergy job in the church through __.
    • Collins
    • Lady Catherine
  89. Where is Wickham's regiment staying?
  90. Where does Darcy live? What is his house called/
    • Derbyshire
    • Pemberley
  91. What is Darcy's income? Bingleys?
    • 10k
    • 5k
  92. Bingley's ancestors made a large sum of money through __.
  93. What is the simplest and lightest form of carriage, which was open-topped, one horse, and two wheeledd? the one by two horses? the showier four horse vehicle, usually open?
    • gig
    • currcle
    • phaeton
  94. Wickham joins __ regiment, who are based in Meryton before they pitch their camp at __.
    • Colonel Forster's
    • Brighton
  95. What is the Bennets' neighborhood called?
    A __ was a combo of office and den used mainly by the man of the household.
    • Longbourn
    • library
  96. The family of Mr. Darcy and Lady Catherine is higher up in social scale; their houses are larger and more imposing.
    Lady Catherine's house is called __.
  97. name a round character?
    flat character?
    static character?
    dynamic character?
    • Kitty because she was irly at first but spending time with her older sisters causes her to mature
    • charlotte lucas: she doesnt change
    • static: Jane
    • Dynamic: Elizabeth
  98. I am a female and am the perfect foil character to Elizabeth
    Charlotte Lucas
  99. The Bennet's most boring visitor in the novel
  100. While Lizzy is in Lambton, she receives word that this sister disappeared?
  101. Mr. Collins marries her
    Charlotte Lucas
  102. This character owes a lot of money to a few individuals.
    Mr. bennet
  103. This girl never sees a fault in anyone.
  104. She is a pale, sickly individual who really has no back bone and has been beaten down
    Mss de Bourgh
  105. Mr. darcy's aunt, she wants to break up his love affair with Elizabeth
    Lady Catherine
  106. A silly, brainless woman interested only in getting her daughters married
    Mrs. Bennet
  107. a plain but studious sister to Eliza
  108. Untamed noisy, wild and fearless sister to Elizabeth
  109. This character claims to have been cheated out of an inheritance
    George Wickham
  110. Mr. Collins simply adores this woman.
    Lady Catehrine
  111. Caroline Bingley wants her brother to marry her.
    Georgiana Darcy
  112. insults Eliza by stating she is not pretty enough to dance with
  113. This individual does not want Elizabeth to marry Mr. Collins
    Mr. bennet
  114. George Wickham's debts are paid by this character
  115. It seems that Mr. Bingley really does love this individual
  116. Prejudice in the title of the novel is represetned by this individual.
  117. Besides Colonel Fitzwilliam, this individual is Darcy's best friend.
    Mr. Bingley
  118. Quote:
    "Yes, vanity is a weakness ideed. But pride- where there is a real superiority of mind, pride will be always under good regulations.
  119. Quote:
    His pride does not offend me so much as pride often does, because there is an excuse for it. One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favor should think highly of himself. If may so express it, he has a right to be proud.
    Charlotte Lucas
  120. Quote:
    "I have told Miss Bennet several times that she will never play really well unless she practices more; ... she is very welcome... to come to Rosings every day, and play on the pianoforte in Mrs. Jenkinson's room. She would be in nobody's way... in that part of the house.
    Lady Catherine
  121. Quote:
    "My comfort i, I am sure Jane will die of a broken heart; and then he (Bingley) will be sorry for what he has done.
    Mrs. Bennet
  122. Quote:
    "I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry."
  123. Quote:
    "that would be the greatest misfortune of all- To find a man agreeable whom one is determined to hate."
  124. Quote
    "In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."
  125. Quote:
    "Do not expect to be noticed by his family and friends; if you willfully act against the inclinations of all. You will be censured, slighted, and despised by everyone connected with him. Your alliance will be a disgrace, your name will never even be mentioned by any of us."
    Lady Catherine
  126. Quote:
    "When you get to town, find them out, whereever they may be; and if they are not married already, make them marry."
    Mrs. Bennet
  127. This character is the instrument for uniting Elizabeth and Darcy
    Lady Catherine
  128. __ is teh most comic figure in the novel in his pretentiousness, moral confusion, and complete lack of self-consciousness, but is nonetheless almost sinister in his moral density.
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