shosh: immuno factoids

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  1. IL1
    • Secreted by macrophages
    • Triggers acute inflammation
    • Activates endothelium to express adhesion molecules
  2. IL2
    • Secreted by Th cells
    • Stimulates T cell growth
    • Upregulates its own receptors (autocrine action)
  3. IL3
    • Secreted by activated T cells
    • Supports growth and differentiation of BM stem cells, similar to CSF
  4. IL4
    • Secreted by Th2 cells
    • Promotes B cell growth
    • Triggers class switching to IgE
  5. IL5
    • Secreted by Th2 cells
    • Promotes B cell differentiation
    • Triggers class switching to IgA
    • Stimulates production and activation of eosinophils
  6. IL6
    • Secreted by Th cells and macrophages
    • Stimulates production of acute phase reactants
  7. IL8
    • Secreted by macrophages
    • Major chemotactic factor for neutrophils (along with C3a)
  8. IL10
    • Secreted by Treg cells
    • Inhibits activated T cells
  9. IL12
    • Secreted by B cells and macrophages
    • Activates NK and Th1 cells
  10. IFNgamma
    • Secreted by Th1 cells
    • Stimulates macrophages
    • Inhibits Th2 cells
    • Involved in granuloma formation
  11. TNF
    • Secreted by macrophages
    • Acute phase reactant--causes leukocyte recruitment and vascular leak
    • Mediates septic shock
  12. Chemotactic for neutrophils
    • C5a
    • IL8
    • LTB-4
    • Kallikreini
  13. Igs that activate complement
    IgG, IgM
  14. C3b
  15. C3a, C5a
  16. C1 esterase deficiency
    Hereditary angioedema (captopril is a no-no)
  17. C3 deficiency
    • Recurrent pyogenic and respiratory tract infections
    • Increased susceptibility to type III HS reactions
  18. C5-8 deficiency
    Susceptibility to neisseria bacteremia
  19. Deficiency in DAF (decary-accelerating factor)
    • Complement-mediated RBC lysis
    • PNH
  20. IFN alpha and beta
    Induce production of a ribonuclease that degrades viral mRNA
  21. CD40-CD40 ligand interaction
    Class switching and immunological memory
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