MBBS surgery

  1. Pain History - SOCRATES
    • Site
    • Onset
    • Character
    • Radiation
    • Associated Sx
    • Timing
    • Exaccerbating and Relieving factors
    • Surgical Hx
  2. Qs to ask in Hx of Dyspepsia
    • Frequency?
    • always related to food or spontaneous?
    • does anything relieve it - milky drinks/food
    • is it positional?
  3. Qs to ask in Hx of Dysphagia
    • New Sx or longstanding?
    • rapidly worsening or relatively constant?
    • worse with solid foods or liquids?
    • can anything relieve it?
    • can Pt point to level of blockage?
    • is there associated spluttering?
  4. Qs to ask in Hx of acid reflux
    • frequency?
    • colour?
    • when does it occur - lying/bending/standing?
    • assoc w. coughing?
  5. Qs to ask in Hx of haematemesis
    • Colour?
    • Volume over time?
    • Did blood appear w initial vomits or only after prolonged vomiting?
  6. Qs to ask in Hx of changing bowel habit
    • Change in frequency, or looser/harder stools
    • persistent or transient
    • associated symptoms
    • is it variable?
  7. Qs to ask in Hx of PR bleeding
    • Colour of blood
    • Pink-red and only on paper?
    • Splashing in pan?
    • bright red on surface of stool?
    • darker blood, slots or marbled into stools?
    • blood fully mixed with stool or altered?
  8. what is tenesmus?
    desire to pass stools with either no result or incomplete satisfaction of defecation
  9. Qs to ask in Hx of jaundice
    • how quickly did it develop?
    • any assoc. pruiritis?
    • any Sx of pain, fever, malaise?
  10. Qs to ask in Hx of hamoptysis?
    • colour?
    • clots?
    • dark blood?
    • volume?
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