Chapter 4 " Emotions and Moods"

  1. A broad range of feelings that people experience
  2. Intense feelings that are directed at someone or something
  3. Feelings that tend to be less intense than emotions and that lack contextual stimulus
  4. A mood dimension that consists of specific positive emotions such as excitement, self assurance, and cheerfulness at the high end and boredom, sluggishness, and tiredness at the low end.
    positive affect
  5. A mood dimension that consists of emotions such as nervousness, stress, and anxiety at the high end and relaxation, tranquility, and poise at the low end.
    negative affect
  6. The tendency of most individuals to experience a mildly positive mood at zero input ( when nothing in particular is going on).
    positivity offset
  7. Individual differences in the strength with individuals experience their emotions
    affect intensity
  8. The tendency of people to associate two events when in reality there is no connection
    illusory correclation
  9. A situation in which an employee expresses organizationally desired emotions during interpersonal transactions at work
    emotional labor
  10. In consistencies between the emotions people feel and the emotions they project
    emotional dissocnance
  11. An individual's actual emotions
    felt emotions
  12. Emotions that are organizationally required and considered appropriate in a given job
    displayed emotions
  13. Hiding one's inner feeling and forgoing emotional expressions in response to display rules.
    surface acting
  14. Trying to modify one's true inner feelings based on display rules
    deep acting
  15. A model that suggests that workplace events cause emotional reactions on the part of employees, which then influence workplace attitudes and behaviors.
    affective events theory (AET)
  16. The ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information
    emotional intelligence (EI)
  17. The process by which peoples' emotional are caused by the emotional of others
    emotional contagion
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Chapter 4 " Emotions and Moods"
Chapter 4 "Emotions and Moods"