LM Vocab #2

  1. detinue
    A common law action for the recovery of personal property belonging to one person from another who is wrongfully detaining the property.
  2. Dicta
    The plural of dictum.
  3. Dictum
    Latin for "remark". A statement by a judge in an opinion or ruling that is not required to reach the decision, but may state a related principle as the judge understands it or indicate the court's position on that issue. The comment was not essential to the judgement.
  4. direct review
    Judicial review of a case obtained through ordinary appellate procedure rather than through a collateral attack.
  5. Directed verdict
    A verdict in a trial based in the specific direction by a trial judge that one of the parties has not proved the case as a matter of law.
  6. discovery
    The act or process of obtaining information in a lawsuit through use of the Rules of Procedure.
  7. duces tecum
    Latin for "bring with you."
  8. due process of law
    A fundamental guarantee embodied in the 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides "no person shall ... be deprived if life, liberty, or property, without due process of law," and is made applicable to all states through the 14th amendment, also containing a similar guarantee.
  9. ejectment
    A lawsuit brought to remove a party who is occupying real property.
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