Civics final exam

  1. absolute monarchy
    • has total control over the country
    • ex. saudi arabia
  2. symbolic monarchy
    • there for show and has little power
    • ex great britain
  3. dictatorship
    • one ruler is in total control
    • ex. venezuela-hugo chauez
  4. oligarchy
    • group of rulers are in total control
    • ex. china
  5. aristocracy
    mostly wealthy citizens hold power
  6. direct democracy
    • people vote on every single law
    • ex a small village
  7. republic
    • people elect leaders to make laws
    • ex US
  8. theocracy
    • religious leaders hold power
    • ex iran
  9. what are the five qualifications to be able to vote in PA
    • 1.18+
    • 2.US citizen
    • 3.registered to vote
    • 4.resident of PA for 30 days
    • 5. not in jail for a felony(big crime)
  10. what are the three ways to become a citizen of the US
    • 1.natuarl born citizen born in us or us territory
    • or both of parents US citizens when you are born
    • 3.naturalization-legal process by which an alien becomes a citizen
  11. in order to apply to become a US citizen you must have lived in the Us at least ____ years if single, or ___ years if married
    • 1.5
    • 2.3
  12. during an interview what are the four things that an applicant to become a citzen must show
    •,write,and speak english well
    • 2. good character
    • 3. believe in the constitution
    • 4. pass a test on US history and gov.
  13. population of the US-
    population of the world-
    • -310million
    • -7trillion
  14. alien
    person in the US who is a citizen of another country
  15. refugee
    people fleeing persecution in their home
  16. green card
    allows an alien to work or go to school in the US
  17. barack obama
  18. joe biden
  19. hillary clinton
    secretery of state
  20. robert gates
  21. secretery of defense
  22. eric holder
    attoerney general
  23. Janet napolitano
    homeland security
  24. tom marino
    our representative in the 10th district(repeublican)
  25. pat toomey
    pa's senator - republican
  26. bob casey
    other us senater-democrat
  27. John Boehner
    speaker of the house
  28. Harry Reid
    senate majority leader
  29. Tom corbett
  30. decleration of independence
    -three unalienable rights
    • -break away from britian and discuss whyby listing complaints against king george
    • -thomas jefferson
    • -life,liberty, and the persute of happiness
  31. articles of confederation
    -what was it
    -why did it fail
    • -first constitution of US
    • -it was to weak to stop shays rebellion
  32. federalism
    sharing of power between federal gov and states
  33. confederation
    states have the power
  34. constitutional convention
    -where was it
    -4 major disputes at the convention that resulted in compromise
    • -philidelphia
    • -1. how should the new congress be set up
    • 2. How to count the slaves in the population
    • 3. should the states or national gov get the power
    • 4. how does the president get selected
  35. connecticut great compromise
    bicameral 2house congress
  36. federalists
    favored a strong national gov and the constitution
  37. antifederalists
    against the constitution
  38. three major objections to the constitution made by the anti-federalists
    • 1.states lose to mush power
    • 2. convention too secretive
    • 3. no bill of rights to protect citizens
  39. how would the anti-federalists be won over to support the US constitution
    add a bill of rights
  40. the bill of rights are the first__ amendments to the constitution
  41. federalists papers
    -father of constitution because he wrote it
    -first state to ratify(approve) constitution
    • -james madison, alexander hamilton, john jay
    • -essays written to new york newspapers to convince ny to support the constitution
    • -james madison
    • -delaware
  42. two steps to add an amendment to the constitution
    • 1. proposing an amendment-2/3 of both houses of congress vote to say one is needed
    • 2. ratifying the amendment-3/4 of the states(38) must approve it
  43. how does a state get its # of electoral votes
    # of reps + 2 senators
  44. how does a candidate win the electoral vote within a state
    must get a majority to win
  45. winner takes all means what
    take all the electoral votes of a state regardles of the marhin of victory
  46. in order to win an election a candidate needs__ electoral votes
  47. what happens if nobody gets a majority of electoral votes or it ends in a tie
    house picks president senate picks vp
  48. # of electoral votes for pa for 2012
    total # of electoral votes
    • -21
    • -538
  49. purpose of executive brancj
    enforce the laws
  50. qualifications to be president
    • -us citizen at birth
    • -35+
    • -lived in us for 14 years
  51. term of president__years with a ___term limit
    • -4
    • -2
  52. only president to be elected to more then 2 terms
    franklin d roosevelt
  53. camp david
    presidents relaxation home in maryland
  54. only official constitutional duty of the vp is to be the president of the ___ however he can only vote if _____
    • -senate
    • -there is atie
  55. if the president and vp are both killed at the same time the person who would then become president is the ___
    speaker of the house
  56. how could you remove a president if he becomes incapable of carrying out his duties such as developing a serious health problem
    vp and majority of the cabinet sign a paper saying the president is unfit
  57. constitutional powers of the president 6
    • 1 commander in chief of thre military
    • 2 pardon
    • 3 appointment ex cabinet, federal judges . . .
    • 4 make treaties
    • 5 suggest laws
    • 6 VETO-reject a lwa congress passed
  58. for what three jobs does the pres get to appoint
    • cabinet
    • federal judges
    • ambassadors
  59. what is the state of the union address
    televised speech before congress pres gives to suggest things
  60. state department purpose
    • -negotiate with countries
    • -passports and visas
    • -ambassadors
  61. defense department purpose
    military planning
  62. what building is the headquarters of the defense dept.
  63. the uniformed military officer who oversees all divisions of the military has what title
    chairman of the joint chiefs
  64. secret sevice
    protects the pres and prevents counterfeiting
  65. who replaces the vice president should he resign or die before his term is over
    congress must approve the presidents selection
  66. what is the job of the white house chief of staff
    top adviser to the pres
  67. what is the presidents yearly salary
  68. purpose of legislative branch is to
    pass the laws
  69. senate__members
    house of reps__members
    • -100
    • -435
  70. constitutional powers of the US congress 11
    • -declare war
    • -fund the military
    • -tax,spend and borrow money
    • -print coin money
    • -overide veto-2/3 vote of both houses
    • -post offices
    • -immigration laws
    • -govern DC and all territories
    • -(senate only) ok a presidential appointment
    • -(senate only)ok a treaty 2/3 vote
    • -impeach
  71. in order to be a senator must be__years old and for a rep__years old
    • -30
    • -25
  72. senators term lasts__years rep lasts__years
    any term limits for house or senate?
    • -6
    • -2
    • -no
  73. captol building
    building of congress
  74. 3 stepos of impeachment
    • 1. starts in house-vote to impeach by a majority vote
    • 2. senate- holds a trial
    • 3. 2/3 of senators must find the president guilty to remove him
  75. what was the war power act of 1974
    • a. president may send troops to a country and call it an operation
    • B. congress must approve within 60 days or the troops come home
  76. president pro tempore(and how do you get the job)
    • -senator who acts as head of the senate in the VPs absence
    • -longest serving member of the majority party
  77. current president pro tempore
    daniel inouye
  78. who is the person in charge of the house
    john boehner
  79. who is the official person in charge of the senate
  80. party whip
    keeps members of the party in line and makes them vote with party
  81. who is the person with the real power in the senate
    harry reid-senate majority leader
  82. what is the job of a conference committee
    smaller groups in congress with expertise in an area
  83. how can congress overide a presidents veto
    2/3 vote of both houses of congress
  84. filibuster
    strategy used by a senator to try and kill a bill by continuously talking
  85. cloture
    stop a filibuster
  86. rider
    attachment added to a bill that has nothing to do with the bill
  87. 8the purpose of judicial branch is to ___ the law
  88. types of crimes that are federal and go to federal court 10
    • 1crosses into another state
    • 2on federal property
    • 3bank robbery
    • 4mail crimes
    • 5on US ship
    • 6against a federal official
    • 7disspute between states
    • 8lawsuite between citizens of different states
    • 9break a federal law/constitution
    • 10bribary of public officials
  89. how do all fereral and supreme court justices get their job
    appointed by president approved by senate
  90. what do us marshalls do
    • 1arrest federal fugitives
    • 2escort prisiners
    • 3protect witnesses
  91. what are three levels of the federal court system(from lowest to highest)
    • 1us district court
    • 2court of appeals
    • 3supreme court
  92. there are __justices that are on the supreme court
  93. special roles of the chief justice
    • 1 swears in the president
    • 2 judge at presidents impeachment
  94. the current chief justice is ___
    john roberts
  95. what is the power of judicial review
    power to get rid of any law of the president for congress
  96. criminal law
    wrongs against society
  97. civil law
    wrongs against individuals
  98. felony
    • -more serious crime
    • -less serious crime
  99. fisrt degree murder
    planning/pre-meditation to kill someone
  100. second degree murder
    killing during a felony
  101. voluntary manslaughter
    heat of the moment killing
  102. involuntary manslaughter
    don't want to kill but someone dies because you are irresponsible
  103. robbery
    taking somethimg from a person by using violence or threats
  104. burglary
    illegal entry into someones home with the intent to steal
  105. larceny
    theft of property without violence
  106. whats the difference between petty and grand larceny
    • petty-theft under 2,000
    • grand-theft 2,000 or above or any vehicle
  107. arson
    vandalism by settiong fire on it
  108. embezzlement
    taking money that has been entrusted to you for your own use
  109. fencing
    selling stolen goods
  110. whats the differance between agraveted and simple assult
    • aggravated-seriuous bodily injury to another
    • simple-minor bodily injury to another
  111. when are the police aloud to use deadly force and shoot a fleeing suspect
    if he poses a threat of death or serious injury to the police or another
  112. restitution
    amount of money for damage
  113. preliminary hearing
    judge decides if there is enough evidence for a trial
  114. arraignment hearing
    enter a plea of guilty or not guilty
  115. bail
    money put up for your release
  116. defendent
    accused peron
  117. acquit
    not guilty
  118. convict
  119. probation
    avoid jail by agreeing to certain rules
  120. parole
    early release from jail
  121. plea bargain
    agree to plead guilty but to a lesser charge
  122. treason
    do something against your country
  123. extradition
    must return a fugitive to the state where they committed the crime
  124. what is class action lawsuit
    a group of people are suing together for the same wrongs against them
  125. what are the five rights found in the first amendment
    • -religioun
    • -speech
    • -press
    • -assemble
    • -petition
  126. when could the gov give money to a parochial/religous school
  127. 1 busing to and from school
    • 2 secular textbooks
    • 3 tax deduction for parents
    • 4 academic college buildings
  128. what is conscentious objector and how do you prove you are one
    • -person who opposes war for religious and personal reasons
    • -appose all war/violence not just a particular war
  129. defamation
    damage anothers reputation through false info
  130. libel
    • -false written words
    • -false spoken words
  131. what three things do you need to prove defamation
    • 1 your good character and reputation must be hurt
    • 2 it must have been read or heard by another person
    • 3 what was said was false
  132. What did the supreme court say in the miller test about how you define obscenity
    an average person using community standards would find something offensive
  133. what is perjury
    lying in court
  134. where does a person have the right of assembly
    on public property
  135. 2nd amendment
    • -state has the security of a militia
    • -right of people to keep and bear arms
  136. 3rd amendment
    a soldier in time of peace may not stay in ones house without there permission
  137. 4th amendment
    protects against searches
  138. what are the five types of people that cannot own a firearm in the us
    • 1-convicted a felon
    • 2-drug user
    • 3-mentally incompetant
    • 4-under 18
    • 5-domestic abuse
  139. warrants expire after__ days
  140. when do police not have to knock and announce when serving a warrant 3
    • 1-warrant says so
    • 2-evidence is being destroyed
    • 3-police belive there is danger
  141. exclusionary rule
    any evidence found by searching illegally cannot be used
  142. exception to eclusionary rule
    inevitable descovery
    good faith
    • -in time evidence wold have been found anyway
    • -police believe they are following correct instroctions
  143. who is the only person who may issue a warrant
  144. situations when police do not need a search warrant-9
    • 1-emergency
    • 2-see something illegal in plain veiw
    • 3-consent searches-owner says ok
    • 4-hot persuit of suspect
    • 5-search right after an arrest
    • 6-automobile exception
    • 7-trash/abandoned property
    • 8-airports
    • 9-borders
  145. what was the ruling in the case mcdonald vs chicago 2010
    chicagos handgun ban is unconstitutional
  146. what is the partriot act
    increased power to search emails, telephone records, and bank statements of suspected terrorists
  147. what does no double jeopardy mean
    cant be on trial for the same crime twice
  148. what amendment gives you protection against self incrimination
  149. when do the police have to read someone their amanda rights
    when in police custody and being questioned
  150. when does a person get the right to a lawyer
    when being questioned and in police custody
  151. __ people on a trial jury in order to find someone guilty__ must agree
    12 and 12
  152. What is the purpose of a grand jury and how is it different from a trial jury
    grand jury sees if there is enough evidence and trial jury says if someone is guilty or not
  153. when is a criminal case not heard by a jury
    • 1-waiver
    • 2-punishment is less than 6 months
    • 3-juvenile
  154. according to the case gideon vs wainwright in order for the gov to pay for a lawyer for an indigent (poor defendent) you need:
    • 1-cannot afford one AND
    • 2-crime is a felony or punishment involves jail
  155. 3 things that determine the amount of bail:
    • 1-how serious crime
    • 2-how much money person has
    • 3-past criminal record
  156. what is the felony murder rule
    major accomplices in a felony that results in murder can get the death penalty
  157. what is the most common method of capital punishment
    lethal injection
  158. what did the supreme court rule in 2005 about juveniles and the death penalty
    no one can be sentenced to death for a crime committed under 18
  159. what does the term fruit of the poisonous tree mean and what do the fruit and tree represent
    • evidence illegally obtained cannot be used in court
    • -tree-police actions
    • -apple-illegal evidence
  160. for a federal crime a trial must begin within__ days of an arrest
    for a state crime in PA a trial must begin within__days of an arrest if the person is in jail before the trial, or__days if they are out on bail
    • -100
    • -180
    • -365
  161. WHat are some of the trial rights found in the 6th amendment
    • -right to trial by jury
    • -a jury
    • -right to an impartial jury
  162. hung jury
    can't decide
  163. immunity
    free from punishment in return for testifying
  164. entrapment
    when person is tricked or persuaded into committing a crime by police
  165. eminent domain
    right to take private property for public use
  166. statute of limitations
    can't be charged with a crime after a period of time
  167. subpoena
    document facing a witness to testify
  168. public defender
    lawyer appointed by the court to defend indigents
  169. 8th amendment
    the right to have bail
  170. 10th amendment
    any power not given to the federal gov goes to the state
  171. party associated with conservatives are the
    party assoc. with liberals are the
    • -republicans
    • -democrats
  172. first democrat electede president-
    republican president-
    why did the republican party farm as a political party in the lte 1850s?
    • -andrew jackson
    • -abreham lincoln
    • -against slavery
  173. what are the first two states to hold primaries
    new hampshire, iowa
  174. liberaterian party
    total individual liberty
  175. why did the whig party first form as a political party in history
    anti andrew jackson
  176. McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 5
    • 1-maximum amount of money an individual can contribute-2,400
    • 2-maximum amount of money PAC can give-5,000
    • 3- cant take money from anyone under 18
    • 4-can't take money from noncitizens unless have green card or visia
    • 5-stand behind your ad
  177. Parts of an election campaign (know the order of them)
    • 1.primary election-vote within your party
    • 2.national party convention-peprally for party
    • 3.general election-voters choose their leaders for office
  178. WHat was the supereme court ruling in the case of buckley vs Valeo
    candidates can spend as much of their own money as they want
  179. closed primary
    you can only vote in the primary of the party you are registered with
  180. open primary
    you choose whether to vote in the republican or democratic primary
  181. caucus
    party members gather together for face to face meetings in each precinct
  182. which kind of primary do we have in PA
  183. P.A.C.
    unions collect money from members and give it to a candidate
  184. incumbent
    current leader of an office up for re-election
  185. lame duck
    new candidate has been voted in, but the current person has time left
  186. what 4 presidents have monuments/memorials dedicated to them
    lincoln, washignton, JFK, roosevelt
  187. what two presidents are buried in Arlington National Cemetery
  188. WHat does the tomb of the unkown soldier represent and how often is it guarded
    represents all soldiers that die and we can't find name recognition-24/7
  189. The land of arlington cemetery once belonged to which general in US hitory?
    Robert E Lee
  190. What is the address of the white house
    1600 pennsylvania avenue
  191. what is the presidents official guest home called
    blair house
  192. What building in DC holds a copy of the original decleration of independence,constitution,and bill of rights
    national archives
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