Civics final exam

  1. absolute monarchy
    • has total control over the country
    • ex. saudi arabia
  2. symbolic monarchy
    • there for show and has little power
    • ex great britain
  3. dictatorship
    • one ruler is in total control
    • ex. venezuela-hugo chauez
  4. oligarchy
    • group of rulers are in total control
    • ex. china
  5. aristocracy
    mostly wealthy citizens hold power
  6. direct democracy
    • people vote on every single law
    • ex a small village
  7. republic
    • people elect leaders to make laws
    • ex US
  8. theocracy
    • religious leaders hold power
    • ex iran
  9. what are the five qualifications to be able to vote in PA
    • 1.18+
    • 2.US citizen
    • 3.registered to vote
    • 4.resident of PA for 30 days
    • 5. not in jail for a felony(big crime)
  10. what are the three ways to become a citizen of the US
    • 1.natuarl born citizen born in us or us territory
    • or both of parents US citizens when you are born
    • 3.naturalization-legal process by which an alien becomes a citizen
  11. in order to apply to become a US citizen you must have lived in the Us at least ____ years if single, or ___ years if married
    • 1.5
    • 2.3
  12. during an interview what are the four things that an applicant to become a citzen must show
    •,write,and speak english well
    • 2. good character
    • 3. believe in the constitution
    • 4. pass a test on US history and gov.
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