Studying NonFiction

  1. Rhetoric
    the art of using words to persuade in writing or speaking
  2. Rhetorical Techniques
    • what the writer does with the words and sentences
    • how the writer uses the elemnets of language to achieve a purpose
  3. Purpose
    • the specific reason for writing
    • the objective or the goal that the writer wishes to establish
  4. Audience
    • the writers targeted readers
    • determines the kind of information, language, and overall apporach the writer chooses
  5. Diction
    • the words a writer chooses
    • refers to the specific words that are loaded with connotatio, associations, or emotional impact
  6. Connotations
    the associations and feelings connected with word choice
  7. Denotation
    the dictionary definition of word choice
  8. Appeals
    • logical (logos)
    • emotional (pathos)
    • and ethical (ethos) evidence
  9. Style
    the way an author uses language
  10. tone
    the authors attitude about the subject
  11. description
    depicts images in space and time and arranges those images in a logical pattern
  12. narration
    • tells a story
    • generally tells what/when/where it happened
  13. exposition
    informs or instructs ideas objectively
  14. argumentation
    • convinces an audience
    • proves or refutes a point of view or an issue
  15. purpose & audience
    the ______ & ______ determines everything about the essay
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