Geo Notes: The Spread of Protestantism

  1. Huldrych Zwingli
    • Swiss Priest
    • Led Protestant movement in Switzerland
    • wanted a theocracy- church run state (in Zurich)
  2. John Calvin
    • reformer; reform group in Geneva
    • The Institutes of the Christian Religion
    • God knows all; Predestination
    • established a consistory; everyone has to go to church;
    • Calvinism- his teachings
  3. Predestination
    thought that God determines fate of every person
  4. the Anababtists
    • Protestant groups in western Europe
    • took over German city of Munster
    • --Basically wiped out by Lutherans & Catholics
  5. Henry VIII
    • wanted to remarry; pope refused; Henry left the Church
    • - Catherine of Aragon (had Mary) to Anne Boleyn (Had Elizabeth)
    • -(Edward VI)
    • --Later married 4 more times
  6. Thomas More
    Catholic humanist scholar
  7. Edward VI
    • Son of Henry VIII
    • died in teens, Mary to throne
  8. (Bloody) Mary
    • Queen after death of Edward VI
    • killed hundreds of protestants at the stake
  9. Elizabeth I
    • Queen after death of (Bloody) Mary
    • tried to blend Catholic/Protestant
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Geo Notes: The Spread of Protestantism