US History FINAL FINAL Part 2

  1. Truman and MacArthur
    MacArthur demanded Truman's approval to expand the war
  2. McCarran Act
    Allowed the arrest of Communists in case of a national emergency
  3. Taft Hartley Act
    Big business attempt to reverse the gains made by organized labor
  4. Right to Work
    Outlaws Union membership as a pre-condition to employment
  5. Closed Shop
    Union membership is required for employment
  6. Truman's Civil Rights Reforms
    Desegregation of Armed Forces
  7. HUAC
    Investigate communists in the Film industry
  8. Interstate Highway Act
    "New Deal" style spending for the modernization of the Interstate Highways
  9. "Checker's Speech"
    Nixon's gift of a dog, TV Appearance, saved his VP Candidacy
  10. The transistor
    Miniturization of radios
  11. Rock 'n' roll
    Rythm and blues, country - black experience
  12. The fair deal
    Passes minimum wage
  13. criticism of suburbia
    Conformity, lacks diversity
  14. Termination policy
    Bring indians into mainstream society
  15. Kennedy's Congressional achievements
    Defense exploration
  16. Reynolds v. Sims
    political power shifted from rural areas to urban
  17. Kennedy's goal in the Space Race
    Put a man on the moon
  18. Warren Commission
    no conspiracy
  19. Kennedy and Religious issue
    Separation of church and state
  20. One man and one vote
    all citizens should have equal rights
  21. Alliance for Progress
    Cooperative aid projects with Latin American governments
  22. Cuban Missile Crisis
    Most critical moment of Cold War Limited test ban; disarmament
  23. Office of Economic Opportunity
    was a major part of Johnson's war on poverty
  24. Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Rosa Parks (NAACP) helped organize with Dr.King formed SCLC
  25. CORE
    Congress for Racial Equality - sit ins
  26. SNCC
    Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  27. SCLC
    Southern Christian Leadership Conference - End segregation; register to vote
  28. Southern Manifesto
    White Southerners, legislators, defy court rulings (States Rights)
  29. Little Rock
    Government tried to prevent Black students entering High School by deploying national Guard
  30. Dr. King's March on Washington
    "I have a dream" Supports Kennedy's Civil Rights Bill
  31. Selma
    Blacks were the majority, but only a fraction of those registered
  32. Plessy v. Ferguson
    Separate, but equal doctrine
  33. Freedom riders
    Integrate bus terminals (Interstate commitee)
  34. Freedom Summer
    Blacks and Whites register Black voters in Mississippi
  35. Civil Rights movement post 1965
    Pre 1966 segregation + voting rights. Not economic or social. After 1965, then economic and social
  36. Malcolm X
    Black Segregationist
  37. Miranda v. Arizona
    Police to inform your rights when arrested
  38. Truman and Vietnam
    China '49 and Korean War convinced Truman to help France
  39. Dien Bien Phu and US involvement in Vietnam
    US to help support pro western gov't
  40. Vietcong
    became more powerful in part due to use of terror
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