1. Function of Epithelial tissue
    • Physical Protection for exposed and internal surfaces from dehydration, abrasion, and physical, chemical and biological agents
    • Slective permeability - regulates the passage of certain molecules in or out of a certain region of the body.
    • Secretion - some epithelial cells called exocrine cells produce secretions such as sweat or oil.
    • Sensations - possess nerve endings that can detect light, taste, sound, smell and hearing.
  2. Connective Tissue Function
    • Physical Protection
    • Support & Structural framework
    • Binding of structures
    • Storage
    • Transport
    • Immune Protection
  3. Muscle Tissue Function
    Facilitates movement of skeleton or organ walls
  4. Nervous Tissue Function
    Neurons: Control Activities, process information

    Glial Cells: Support and protect neurons
  5. Types of Intercellular Junctions
    • Tight Junctions
    • Adhering Junctions
    • Desmosomes
    • Gap Junctions
  6. Tight Junctions
    • Relays information to other cells.
    • Prevent passage of molecules and ions through the space between cells, so they must pass through the cell (by diffusion or active transport).

    Example: Muscle Memory
  7. Adhering Junctions
    • Provide strong mechanical attachments between adjacent cells.
    • Hold cardiac muscle cells tightly together as the heart expands and contracts
    • Hold epithelial cells together
    • responsible for contact inhibition
  8. Gap Junctions
    • Permit free passage between the cells of ions and small molecules.
    • Permit change in membrane potential to pass from cell to cell.
  9. Desmosomes
    localized patches that hold two cells tightly together.
  10. Characteristics of Epithelial Tissue
    • Cellularity
    • Polarity
    • Attachment
    • Avascularity
    • Innervention
  11. What Tissue is the arrow pointing to?

    Image Upload 1
    Simple Squamous Epithelium
  12. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 2
    Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
  13. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 3
    Simple Columnar Epithelium
  14. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 4

    Image Upload 5
    Stratified Squamous Epithelium
  15. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 6
    Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium
  16. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 7
    Stratified Columnar Epithelium
  17. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 8
    Psudostratified Columnar Epithelium (ciliated)
  18. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 9
    Transitional Epithelial Tissue
  19. Structural Components of Connective Tissue
    • Cells - different cells for different types of CT....bone cells, cartilage cells, fat cells
    • Protein Fibers - elastic fibers, collagen, reticular fibers
    • Ground Substance - a mixture of proteins and carbs with variable amounts of salts and H2O
  20. Location of simple simple squamous epithelium?
    Lining of heart chambers
  21. Location of simple simple cuboidal epithelium?
    Kidney Tubules
  22. Location of simple simple columnar epithelium?
    1. ciliated
    2. nonciliated
    • 1. lining of uterine tube
    • 2. lining of stomach, or digestive tract
  23. Location of simple Stratified Squamous epithelium?
    1. Keratinized
    2. Nonkeratinized
    • 1. Epidermis of skin
    • 2. vagina
  24. Location of simple Stratified Cuboidal epithelium?
    Duct of sweat gland
  25. Location of simple Stratified Columnar epithelium?
    Male Urethra
  26. Location of simple Psuedostratified Columnar epithelium?
    • nasal cavity lining
    • trachea
    • larynx
  27. Location of simple Transitional epithelium?
    Lining of urinary bladder
  28. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 10
  29. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 11
    Muscous Connective Tissue
  30. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 12
    Areolar Connective Tissue
  31. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 13
    Adipose Connective Tissue
  32. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 14
    Reticular Connective Tissue
  33. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 15
    Dense Regular Connective Tissue
  34. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 16
    Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
  35. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 17
    Elastic Connective Tissue
  36. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 18
    Hyaline Cartilage
  37. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 19

    Image Upload 20
  38. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 21
    Elastic Cartilage
  39. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 22
  40. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 23
    Cardiac Muscle Tissue
  41. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 24

    Image Upload 25
    Smooth Muscle Tissue
  42. What tissue is this?

    Image Upload 26
    Nervous Tissue
  43. Location of Mesenchyme
    Body of embryo, fetus and adult
  44. Location of Mucous Connective Tissue
    Umbilical chord of fetus
  45. Location of Areolar Connective Tissue
    Subcutaneous Layer under skin

    Papillary layer of dermis
  46. Location of Adipose Connective Tissue
    Fat cells which stores energy

    • covers and surrounds some organs
    • Hypodermis
  47. Location of Reticular Connective Tissue
    • stroma of lymph nodes
    • spleed
    • thymus
    • bone marrow
  48. Location of Dense Regular Connective Tissue
    tendons, most ligaments
  49. Location of Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
    Reticular layer of Dermis
  50. Location of Elastic Connective Tissue
    Aorta wall
  51. Location of Hyaline Cartilage, Supporting Connective Tissue
    • Articular Cartilage on bone
    • most of fetal skeleton
    • Trachea
    • Nose
  52. Location of Fibrocartilage, Supporting Connective Tissue
    Intervertebral Discs
  53. Location of Elastic Cartilage, Supporting Connective Tissue
    External ear
  54. Location of Skeletal Muscle Tissue
    • Attaches to bones or sometimes skin
    • Makes the muscle contract
  55. Location of Cardiac Muscle Tissue
    Heart Wall
  56. Location of Smooth Muscle Tissue
    muscularis of small intestine.
  57. Location of Nervous Tissue
    • Brain
    • Spinal Cord
    • Nerves
  58. What are chondrocytes?
    • Cartilage cells
    • They secrete gel-like extracellular matrix containing collagen and elastic fibers
    • Occupy small spaces enclosed by their extracellular matrix called lacunae
    • Provide support and withstand deformation such as the nose and the ear.
  59. What are osteocytes?
    • Bone cells
    • Extracellular matrix is a unique mix of collagen and bone salts
  60. What is Fluid connective tissue composed of?
    • Erythrocytes
    • Leukocytes
    • Platelets
    • Plasma
  61. What are Erythrocytes?
    Red blood cells
  62. What are Leukocytes?
    White blood cells
  63. What are platelets?
    Fragments of blood cells involved in blood clotting
  64. What is plasma?
    a watery ground substance containing protein fibers
  65. What types of cells are in the nervous tissue?
    • Neurons
    • Neuroglia
  66. What are neurons?
    Nerve cells that are capable of initiating and conducting electrical activity throughout the body
  67. What is Neuroglia?
    cells that support the neurons
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