Hurricane Katrina

  1. General Info
    • Date - 23-30 August 2005
    • Size - Force 3. Size compensated
    • Locational - In the New Orleans.
    • Windspeeds - 175mph
    • Rainfall - 12 inches
    • Storm Surge - 24-28 m high
  2. Extra info?
    Most deadly and costly in the USA Katrina went into the gulf of Mexico to gain power. It was so lage that 43 tornadoes spawned from it.
  3. What wa done to lessen the impact of Katrina prior to arrival?
    Tracking: NASA used satellite technology to track Katrina's progress as well as TVing out the info.

    • Preparation: Education (trough NGOs),
    • Infrastructure: Sunday August 28th, railway was shut down as well as Waterford Nuclear Power Station, Practise Drills and strong Building codes.
    • The Federal Government: Declared a state of emergency in parts of Louisianna, Alabama and Mississippi on August 27th.
  4. How did the authorities and NGOs manage the hazard after Katrina struck?
    • Curfew was enforced.
    • Almost compulory evacuation
    • 26,000 people in the Super Dome
    • National Guards sent to the new Orleans
    • Helicopters were sent but they took three days.
  5. Short term impacts of Katrina
    • 1.2million given an evacuation order.
    • About 1833 probably died, although several hundred were missing
    • The majority of deaths were in Louisianna over the age of 60.
    • Damage was $80 million.
    • 2.3 million left without power, gas proces soared
  6. What were the long term impacts of Katrina
    • Thousands lost their jobs and forced to move to othercities
    • oil refineries went down along with trade
    • US army coops of engineers alllocated $3.7 million dollars to raise and strengthen levees.
    • Economy: continuing to repair roads, bridges and public buildinga in New Orleans. 3 years afterwards howver, and Katrina chamber of commerce says that the economy is at 30% lower than before.
    • Housing : by 2009, 62000 blighted houses. Lck of housing meant that the rents prices were 40% higher than before.
  7. Why do people continue to live in areas such as the New Orleans?
    • They dont always get hit by hurricanes. Complaceny
    • Levees made them feel safe.
    • Their families have stayed their for many years, why should they move?
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