US History FINAL FINAL Part 1

  1. Causes of the rise of European dictatorship
    The war, the peace, the depression
  2. Republican Presidents of the 1920s
    emphasized the importance of business
  3. The Great Migration
    More blacks voted; increased pride, and expression(cultural)
  4. Suburbanization of the 1920's made possible by the
  5. National Origins Act
    limited Southern and Eastern Europeans and Japanese
  6. Causes of the Great Depression
    Unequal distribution of wealth, agricultural decline, and banking unregulated.
  7. 1932 Election
    FDR had Charisma; Hoover's image; Bonus army
  8. 100 days
    It's the legislative record of the 1st 3 months in office
  9. Keynesian economics
    Deficit spending and tax policies promote prosperity
  10. NRA
    • (National Rifle Association)
    • - Rule unconstitutional in 1935;
    • - not stringetly enforced;
    • - workers felt betrayed;
    • - Agency used by businessmen
  11. Social Security Act
    Fed to provide social welfare for the aged
  12. "Court Packing"
    Asserts more presidential control over the supreme court
  13. Nye Committee
    American War Manufacturer push America into WWI
  14. Neutrality Acts
    Prohibit the President from taking sides in the European Crisis
  15. S.S. St. Louis
    Refugees(Jews) sent back to die in the Holocaust
  16. Japanese launching aggressive war in the 1930s
    Japanese invaded Manchuria
  17. Fair employment Practices Commission
    FDR enforced non discrimination
  18. Japanese Internment
    Enemy Aliens; National Security; military could declare any part of the U.S. a military zone
  19. Office of Price Administration
    Carried out price control and rationing to stop inflation
  20. Blue points and red points
    Rationing goods during the war
  21. Bataan Death March
    Japanese take the Philippines
  22. Coral Sea and Midway
    Japanese expansion to Australia stopped at Coral Sea Midway. It was a turning point
  23. Bracero Program
    Mexican migrant workers employed in S.W. Agriculture
  24. D Day
    To open a 2nd front and liberate France and invade Germany
  25. Yalta
    Free Elections in Soviet occupied zones; Germany divided by 4 powers
  26. Berlin Blockade and Airlift
    Russians blockade Berlin when West Germany formed
  27. Korean War
    North Korea, China, Russia vs. UN
  28. McCarthy Trials
    McCarthy's list of communists employed by the State Department.
  29. Truman's meeting with Molotov
    1st meeting and Truman confronted Molotov
  30. Truman Doctrine
    Pledge to fight and stop spread of communism
  31. Marshall Plan
    Help Western Europe recover (rebuild economy)
  32. International Monetary Fund and World Bank
    Ensures the U.S. central role in reviving world economy
  33. NATO
    Mutual defense for collective security against Communist expansion
  34. National Security Council Paper 68
    Military solutions should be encouraged to contain(limit) communism
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