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  1. I am God's daughter; He has chosen me.
  2. I do not have to performs to be accepted by the Father. He accepts me unconditionally.
  3. As I have released my fear of rejection, He gives me joy. His joy is my strength. Peace guards my heart and mind.
  4. Receive the Father’s blessing: He accepts you just the way you are. He
    blesses you everyday with His love. His love casts out any spirits of
    abandonment. Stand with the authority of
    your Father’s love and be free to walk in your destiny. The destiny of The Father’s love. He is well pleased with you. Your name is
    written on the palm of His hand. He remembers you, princess of the High King! You are blessed and He will reveal Himself to
    you; His name, the I am is written on your forehead. With a sound mind he will give you all
    inheritance – wonderful treasures for you. He always has time for You – always!!

  5. The Father promises to give me a new anointing to see restoration and redemption. The Father has given me a scepter with authority to see and speak the Father's love.
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