Chapter 11

  1. in writing the declaration of independance, thomas jefferson drew heavily from the work of the social contract theorist
    john locke
  2. the central argumet advanced in the declaration of independance is that
    the people have the right to revolt when they beleive the gov't has denied them their legitimate rights
  3. when an interest group encourages its members to write letters to members of congress, it is performing its function of
    providing a means for political participation
  4. when an interest group releases a study illustrating the failure of gov't regulation of the food supply, it is performing its function of
    serving as gov't watchdog
  5. When a representativ of an interest group testifies before congress or when an interest group sponsors research into a particular problem, it is performing its function of
    educating the public
  6. which of the following is NOT a reason for the relatively large number of interest groups in the U.S.?
    the constitution affords special recognition for organized groups
  7. the ____ problem is the tendency of individuals to allow other to do work on their behalf.
    free rider
  8. things of value that cannot be given to one group exclusively but instead benefit society as a whole are generally referred to as
    public goods
  9. selective benefits are offered in order to
    overcome the freerider problem
  10. what kind of interest groups are most likely to use public events and protests in order to draw attention to their campaigns?
    labor unions and public interest groups
  11. interest groups that are unsuccessful in bringing about change using other techniques oten turn to the ___ pathway(s) to promote or resist change and to shape opinion.
  12. whic of the following is NOT a potentioal use of the internet in a political campaign?
    raising money
  13. the form of political participation whic is least biased based on demographic factors is
  14. The form of political participation whic is most biased based on demographic factors is
    making campaign contributions
  15. Alexis de Tocqueville argued that the institutional protections for civil liberties were more important than groups and associations were protecting against authoritarian rule
  16. Cleavages refer to divisions of people basedd on at least one social characteristic, sucha s educational attainent or raice
  17. Staet and local gov't unitact as interest groups when they lobby the federal gov't for help or to voice their concerns.
  18. The success of the united Farm Workers demonstrates the importance of the lobbying and elections pathways
  19. many americans believe there is an anti bias in news coverage.
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