SF340 Fire Protection

  1. What lights illuminate with a TAIL PIPE HOT condition? 6-1
    • Master Warning
    • TAIL P HOT CWP light
  2. What does a TAIL Pipe Hot light indicate? 6-1
    Associate Tail Pipe over temperature has been reached
  3. What indications are given when a fire is detected in the engine nacelle? 6-1
    • Master Warning
    • ENG FIRE CWP light
    • Fire Bell
    • Fire handle light illuminates
  4. What is required to discharge an Engine Fire Bottle? 6-2
    Fire Handle must be pulled and FIRE EXTG switch to ON
  5. How many Halon fire bottles are there per engine nacelle? 6-2
    1 Bottle
  6. How is fire protection supplied after the first bottle has been discharged? 6-2
    The 2nd bottle is routed through a manifold to the engine with the pulled fire handle
  7. How does the fire loop detect an engine fire condition? 6-2
    Through a drop in resistance due to heat build up
  8. What happens if a rapid change in resistance is noted (a short) in the fire loop? 6-2
    A FIRE DET FAIL light on the CWP and a master caution light will illuminate
  9. What is being checked with the FIRE SHORT switch on test panel 1? 6-2
    Checking the Fire Detect Loop
  10. What does an AVIONICS SMOKE light indicate? 6-8
    Smoke is detected in the Avionics rack
  11. What does a CARGO SMOKE light indicate? 6-8
    Smoke has been detected in the Cargo area
  12. How long will the Avionic, Lav or Cargo Smoke lights stay on? 6-8
    As long as the Smoke condition lasts
  13. How many smoke detectors are in the cargo compartment? 6-8
  14. What does the white CARGO EXT light indicate? 6-9
    Fire bottle has discharged (may take up to 15 min)
  15. What is the minimum time between discharging Cargo bottle #1 and #2? 6-9
    2 minutes (to prevent an overpressure condition of the compartment)
  16. What is the recommended time between discharging the #1 and #2 fire bottles? 6-9
    Protection is guaranteed for 60 minutes if bottle 2 is discharged at 25 minutes
  17. How much time does a 2 bottle system provide protection for? 6-9
    60 minutes
  18. How much time does a 1 bottle system provide protection for? 6-9
    35 minutes
  19. What type of suppressant is in the Cargo fire bottles? 6-9
  20. What does a LAV SMOKE light indicate? 6-11
    Smoke detected in the Lav area
  21. How is an Avionics Fire Extinguished? 6-11
    Portable Halon bottle is discharged through a port on bulkhead behind the captain
  22. How is the Lav trash bin fire extinguisher activated? 6-11
    Automatically by a heat sensitive plug
  23. What actions take place when the fire handle is pulled? 6-12
    • Silences the fire bell
    • Opens the Gen relay
    • Resets the Fire warning systems
    • Arms both fire bottle squibs
    • Closes the Fuel Shut off Valve
    • Closes the Bleed Valves for the affected engine
  24. What crew actions are required if an Avionics Smoke light illuminates? (QRC)
    • O2 masks on
    • Smoke goggles on
    • Establish Communication
  25. What other type of fire extinguisher is used for Lav Smoke and fires?
    Pressurized water bottle extinguisher
  26. If the ENG FIRE still exists after 1st bottle has been discharged, how long do you wait before you discharge the second bottle? (QRH)
    30 seconds
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