History 12

  1. What kind of ceremonies would be held in Greek temples?
    Ceremonies honoring the gods and goddesses
  2. Prophecy
    Prediction about the future
  3. Oracle
    Sacred shrine where a priest spoke for a god
  4. First great epic poems about Ancient Greece
    Illiad & Oddyesy by Homer
  5. Trojan War
    Greeks hid inside a hollow wooden horse. Trojans thought it was a present and let it in. Greek soldiers came out of the horse and captured Troy.
  6. What is an epic
    A great story based on history
  7. Fables
    Short stories that teach a lesson
  8. Oral tradition
    Stories passed from person to person by word of mouth long before they were written down.
  9. What ideas of Aeschylus about drama do we have today?
    • Having 2 actors, to show conflict between people
    • Having stage decorations, props and costumes
  10. What was the most important type of building in ancient greece?
    Temples dedicated to gods and goddesses
  11. Philosophy
    Greek thinkers who believed the human mind could understand everything
  12. Sophists
    Professional teacher
  13. What did philosophers study
    Many were teachers and studies history, science, politics and math
  14. Socratic Method
    Asking questions to force students to use reason and think things through for themselves
  15. How did Aristotle's idea of governement differ from Platos?
    • Plato - democracy was not a good system of government
    • Aristotle - best government is a mixture between oligarchy & democracy
  16. What did Thucyides believe in ?
    Accuracy. War & politics have to do with humans not gods.
  17. Who was the first person to write about the past by using true event?
  18. Socrates
    • Invented Socratic Method
    • Left behind no writings
    • Thought all knowledge was in each person
  19. Plato
    • did not like democracy
    • divided society into 3 groups
    • divided government into 3 groups
    • Left behind writings
  20. Aristotle
    • established the Academy
    • established the Lyceum
    • taught the golden meam - don't do anything in excess
    • divided government into 3 types
    • Urged people to use their own sense to make observations
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