Child Disorders

  1. Name four benefits that may be associated with a formal nosology (classification system) such as the DSM-IV
    • Nomenclature
    • Organization and recovery of information
    • Consideration of differences and similarities across people with specific disorders
    • Remuneration for services
  2. Explain the purpose of a case-control study
    • Used to determine validity of psychiatric classifications
    • Used to compare one disorder of interest to another disorder
    • ex. PTSD vs. conduct disorder vs. nonclinical control
  3. List five factors that are related to the designation of psychopathology as described by Nelson and Israel
    • Atypical and harmful behavior
    • Developmental standards
    • Cultural Norms
    • Gender Norms
    • Social Norms
  4. List the triad of impairments that are associated with autism as reported by Nelson and Israel and Chralop-Christy and Schreibman
    • Impaired social interaction
    • Impaired communication
    • Restricted repetitive behavior
  5. Describe the symptoms of ADHD
    • Inattention:
    • Poor attention to details
    • careless mistakes
    • difficulty sustaining attention
    • poor listening
    • does not follow through on instructions
    • difficulty organizing
    • avoids tasks that require sustained mental attention
    • loses things
    • easily distracted
    • forgetful

    • Hyperactivity:
    • fidgets
    • leaves seat
    • runs or climbs excessively
    • loud while playing
    • driven by a motor or on the go
    • talks excessively

    • Impulsivity:
    • blurts out answers
    • difficulty waiting turn
    • interrupts
    • butts in
  6. Describe the course and prevalence of ADHD
    • Course:
    • may observe excessive motor activity as toddlers
    • usually first diagnosed during elementary school
    • predominantly inattentive type may not be noticed until late childhood
    • stable through early adolescence
    • symptoms attenuate during adolescence and adulthood

    • Prevalence:
    • 3%-7% in school age children
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