Vocab 25-27

  1. accure
    to increase or grow; accumulate
  2. audit
    to examine, verify, or correct
  3. cartel
    a combination of independent buisnesses
  4. collateral
    property pledged to secure a loan
  5. commodity
    an article of trade that can be trandsported
  6. conglomerate
    a corporation
  7. liquidate
    to settle the affairs of; pay off
  8. lucrative
    profitable; producing wealth
  9. recompense
    payment made in return for something done
  10. security
    written evidence of ownership
  11. abstruse
    difficult to understand
  12. acumen
    quickness and accuracy of judgement
  13. ascertain
    to discover through examination
  14. cerebral
    characterized by reason rather than emotion
  15. faculty
    any of the powers possessed by the human mind
  16. relative
    having pertinence or relivance
  17. ruminate
    to mediate at length; ponder
  18. surmise
    to conclude without sufficient evidence
  19. tenet
    opinion, doctrine, or principle held as being true
  20. theoretical
    of conclusions reached through logic
  21. apocryphal
    of doubtful authorship or authenticity
  22. bona fide
    done of made in good faith; sincere
  23. candor
    frankness of expression
  24. cant
    insincerely pious language
  25. charlatan
    a person who pretends to possess skill
  26. chicanery
    deception by trickery
  27. feign
    to give a false appearance
  28. insidious
    spreading harmfully in a subtle manner
  29. recititude
    moral uprightness; righteousness
  30. veritable
    unquestionable; true
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Vocab 25-27
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