Psalms lesson 6.txt

  1. Why is so much of the Bible written in the form of poetry?
    Because poems appeal to the whole person in a way that prose does not
  2. How is Exodus 14:26-31 different from Exodus 15:1-5?
    Exodus 14 is written in prose where as Exodus 15 is poetry
  3. Name two advantages poetry has over prose:
    • 1. It appeals to the whole person more than prose does
    • 2. It stimulates our imagination, arouses our emotions, feeds our intellects, and addresses or wills
  4. Name one diadvantage of poetry in relation to prose.
    Poetry is difficult to interpret
  5. (True/False) There is a single characteristic that clearly distinguishes poetry from prose.
  6. What is the most common characteristic of Hebrew poetry?
    repetition, usually called parallelism
  7. What are the two major characteristics of Hebrew poetry?
    Repetition and imagery
  8. (True/False) Parallelism is never found in prose.
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Psalms lesson 6.txt
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